let Halloween begin!

In case you are wondering… tonight was dress-up night at choir for my little family of witches! Bailey is a “funny witch”, Parker is Glinda the Good Witch and Gray is a “mean witch”! Grayson started this weeks ago when ALL he would say was “ME BE MEAN WITCH” if Halloween was even mentioned. I wanted him to be a baseball player but he is obsessed with the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz (a family favorite) and it’s all he could talk about. So GoGo took him shopping where he picked out the dress, hat(s) and glitter-fake-nail gloves all by himself! Oh and the nose! Bailey and Parker I just ordered them online. Easy.

The next four days are intense with work and parties and dinners out and collecting candy from strangers.

Happy Halloween!

One thought on “let Halloween begin!

  1. LOVE your pics! Your kids are so cute! I love the expressions and the costumes of course ! I also L O V E your blog! I feel like you are my long lost soul sister! Your words mirror my thoughts ! Its almost spoooky how much! Enjoy Halloween! Cant wait for the peek at these ” infamous” goodie bags!

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