parker at the park. oh and grayman was there too.

I can’t remember what day this was, it was last week maybe? The week before? It was a day I had no sitting so I wasn’t working and was able to actually go to the park which was awesome! And for once I had my camera… and for once, in October no less, I actually edited my own photos and am blogging them! Of course I can’t remember what day or even what time of day these were taken but at least they’re going to see the light of day on the blog!

And THIS is why these photos are seeing the light of day on the blog! HA! It totally cracks me up! She stood like that for the longest time!

Of course I got a few other random pics and because this is the only photo album I have right now…

It is SO hard to hold a heavy camera out in front of you and get a good photo but since this is the ONLY way I can be in the photo I’ll take what I can get!

Oh, until I decided to try to prop it on a park bench…

Which was great except there were a ton of other kids running around and I was terrified one would knock it off! So after two shots I gave up!

My time with the kids doing fun things is becoming few and far between so I’m SO glad I had my camera that day!

3 thoughts on “parker at the park. oh and grayman was there too.

  1. Man, I’d so hang from a swing like that if I didn’t have a gut and a lousy back. Enjoy it while you can!

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