Sitting at Bailey’s soccer game Angie and I were talking about hair cuts.

My kids need hair cuts.

Her kids just got hair cuts.

My family, ME included, haven’t had haircuts since early last spring! It’s time.

But I hate scheduling ahead for an apt. at a good salon plus the money makes me cringe. And I ALWAYS hate how the cheap places cut hair. So I’ve been putting it off. Big time.

But we’re due.

So I got a WILD hair and decided I could cut the girl’s hair myself today!

They took showers after lunch and I started in on Bailey.

I started with half an inch or so.

Thirty minutes later she’d lost about 2+ inches and I’m still not sure it’s even!

It actually looks adorable, I love her in a short cut, but then I remembered how much she LOVES her ponytails that we JUST have been able to do.

I cut off her ponytail!


She’s going to DIE when she realizes this!

So as soon as C and I get back from an errand we have to do (HOUSE HUNTING!) I’m taking the girls to whatever cheap place can get them in b/c trust me, they can’t do any worse than I did!

Any stylists out there want to trade kid cuts for photos? :)

2 thoughts on “ponytails

  1. My sister in law Lindsay has in own salon out of her house! You should call her…Lindsay Bishop 636-577-2737. Just talked to her and she would love to trade haircuts for pics!

  2. We used to take the kids to Great Clips. After a particularly bad haircut on Maeve (uneven on the ends) we took them to a beauty school in South County. $6 haircuts and both kids looked great! AND, you can just want in. No appts needed.

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