room mother hell.

Ok women. Give it to me straight. Explain the politics around being a room mother.

Because you see I signed up to be one this year for Bailey’s kindergarten class and it may just be my last time! Because when the other room moms started planning the Halloween party and talking about all these crazy games and snack ideasI decided that volunteering to make the treat bags would be the easiest option.

That is until I started thinking about how much I wanted to impress the other room moms! As if my entire life as a grade school parent rested on this ONE task.

So instead of candy I bought cute little Halloween party favors. You know, fake teeth and eye ball bouncy balls… just in case the other moms thought one more bag of candy was indecent or if my choices weren’t organic enough. But do you know how expense that stuff gets?

Then I couldn’t figure out how to bag them b/c a plastic bag didn’t seem right for some reason.

So I came up with an idea, my mother-in-law helped me execute it and well, I’ll share the idea soon. Because dude, no other room mother is stealing my idea for treat bags! Not that it’s truly original, I mean how original can a bag of crap be? But if this let’s me get my foot in the door of the other room moms, it was worth it. Because let’s face it, Bailey isn’t the only one that is under pressure to make friends in kindergarten! It’s TOUGH!

Before treat bag making hell tonight we decided it was pumpkin carving time. Are you wondering where the photos are for this post? NON-EXISTENT. Because my hands were so full of wet, slimy pumpkin goo I couldn’t have picked up my camera if I tried. And of course NONE of our kids wanted to help so C and I did all the carving. My super sweet family pumpkin carving night was so dumb. The kids thought the goo was “grossness”, it was “late o’clock” according to Grayson and they were tired. I remember hating to carve pumpkins. I also hated decorating the Christmas tree so do all kids hate these holiday traditions? Do parents everywhere just force it on them?

At one point tonight with my arm covered up to my elbow in goop, the kids running around and Terri making my bags I really wanted to yell… “THIS IS FAMILY NIGHT AND WE’RE GOING TO ENJOY IT DAMNIT!”

But I held it together, we got three pumpkins carved and we did actually have fun! Despite our kids.

Tomorrow we have a Fresh Art session in the morning, Bailey’s party in the afternoon and I’m shooting a family friend in the evening. LONG DAY.

You’d better believe it will start and end with a Dew! HA!

8 thoughts on “room mother hell.

  1. That is a L.O.N.G. day…goodness girl…

    …you are scaring me about the room mother stuff – NOT looking forward to that…

    Enjoy those dews with lots of ice!!

  2. i totally get the room mother stuff. I am not one, but I volunteered for the party snack today. It needed to be healthy. So I found a cute thing to make out of cheese sticks, and last night I had to teach a class, feed the kids, give them a bath make the snack, take a shower and then finally eat dinner.. i wish I could have just bought cookies :)

  3. Hahaha! Thank you for that. I’ve been going through my own “room mom” drama and it’s nice to know someone else feels the same way I do.

  4. LOL, this is why I love you. Well, one of the reasons. We are so much alike and I totally understand. Can’t wait to see these treat bags! Maybe it will inspire me…I think I have Valentine’s Day duty.

  5. I drive my husband bonkers every time he comes home to find multiple work stations and assembly lines just put together what should be simple treat bags. I know exactly what you’re talking about. :) I have learned through the years to spread things out or you risk burning out, especially when you go above and beyond what is expected. I’m sure the kids will love their bags. You’re a great mom! Happy Halloween!

  6. Hey girl! I am in room mother hell this year too. Maybe my room mother is just overachieving to try to impress me. She’s trying to impress someone — that is fo sho!

    Pumpkin carving tip — get your kids latex or plastic gloves. Mine can handle the gross pumpkin guts as long as it isn’t directly touching their skin.

    Can’t wait to see your gift bags! I’m bringing juice boxes to the boys’ party, because I am trying to lower the bar for other parents.

    That’s gonna be my new tagline!!!! “Lowering the bar since 1974!”

  7. G’s school does the room mom thing REALLY well…one mom is asked to be room mom, she sends out a big volunteer sign up sheet at the beginning of the year, everyone signs up for their tasks and she coordinates a master list of who is volunteering/bringing a treat on during different class parties. About a week before the party, she sends out a reminder. Everyone has the freedom to to WHATEVER THEY WANT with their assigned task. There is no coordinating. One person signs up to “lead” the party. No one goes all psycho about it. It’s a fab system, the kids are always happy!

    Big J and L’s school? Sign ups were full for holiday parties before I even realized they were up. Best way to meet moms and win their undying love for you? Coordinate a mom’s night for the class, meet at someone’s house for drinks and appetizers (no kids). Everyone comes out of their shell, there are no noses to wipe or screaming children to deal with…so you actually get to know each other!

  8. Oh my I’ve been hearing about the upcoming “room mom drama,” including the working mom vs stay at home mom drama too. NOT looking forward to any of it! Isn’t it hard enough on the kids without having the parents at it too? :) Ohhh! May we all survive the grade school years….

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