the written word.

Excuse me, the HAND written word.

Yesterday was my birthday (DUH) and I received over 50 Facebook messages, numerous emails, lots of texts and a few phone calls. And ONE mailed birthday card. From C’s grandparents.

ONE card!

Do you remember being a kid and obsessively checking the mailbox for cards the days before and after your birthday? I remember HATING when my birthday fell on a Sunday because it meant I’d miss the most important mail day ever!

Do I appreciate all the love sent me yesterday? Totally. It filled my email inbox with good wishes and I loved it! Made me smile ALL DAY LONG!

But I do seriously feel like there is a lack of hand writing these days.

So my main GOAL for 2011 (starting NOW in 2010) is to send a birthday card to everyone I can! And other notes too. Thinking of you and get better soon and happy anniversary and anything else I can think of. And I’m going to write a note inside that tells the person how much I love them. So they see my handwriting. Not that it’s anything special but because to me it’s still more special than an email.

I also just received a new journal in the mail. It’s black moleskin and I adore it. So far I’m writing my to-do lists and funny things the kids say and ideas that pop in my head inside but on days I want to write more I have it here with me. Because handwriting is important. And I bought THREE journals, one for each kid, that I will blog about soon because I want a place to write things directly TO my kids for them to read someday. And although this blog is a good place for that, I want them to have something tangible that they can feel and hold while they read.

Does anyone else miss actually hand writing?

So yesterday was a good day. I saw my BFF Angie in the morning when I dropped off Parker (she’s the director of the preschool now!) and she asked what I was planning on doing. I told her i still wasn’t sure and she said that I should do something so that at the end of the day I could be glad I had time for it… whatever IT is. As I left preschool and dropped Bailey off (late) I thought about what she said and decided that finishing the organizing in our bedrooms at the Allen’s would feel good to get done. So with no kids in sight I turned the radio on and cleaned+organized for 3 hours! And it felt GREAT! Then I grabbed my favorite lunch and went to my parents to hide on their couch and get some personal photo editing done. Both things felt AWESOME to check off my to-do list and although it wasn’t exactly a FUN day, it was a good day! Finished off by my favorite childhood dinner cooked by my mom, gifts from the kids and my parents, heading home to meet Daddy and get gifts from the Allen’s, kids in bed and ME in bed before 10pm! Awesome. I can look back at yesterday and am so glad I decided to spend my day like that!

Then, to really finish it off I ended up checking my phone for email at 3am after Parker woke up with a bad dream and read the sweetest email ever from Angie. Thanks Ang!

Tonight I’m going to blog my first FALL CRAFT (I hope) and will soon share WHY IN THE HELL I haven’t had ANY soda for SIX days! And why I’m not flat on my face dying from no caffeine!

Happy Tuesday! And thanks again for all the love yesterday!

4 thoughts on “the written word.

  1. I love cards so much that I save all of them. I have gotten out of the habit but I used to send cards to my friends in college for no reason, just to say hi. Love the idea of you sending out handwritten cards…go for it.

  2. I am a lover of the hand-written note…I tried a similar idea earlier this year and sent out ONE hand-written card. I think you’re inspiring me to try it again, though. I do miss handwriting…I never used to be able to get my ideas out unless I hand-wrote them first. Blogging made that VERY inefficient, so now I am a keyboard thinker. But I hate that my ideas aren’t written in pen somewhere.

  3. THANK YOU about the birthday card thing. My birthday was last week and for 4 days, I got about 20 Facebook posts, 3 texts (one was the entire birthday song from my mom; a real accomplishment since she’s been in the texting world for 3weeks now), and 1 card. I send birthday cards to all family and most friends, by golly return the favor! (Of course, as I say this, I realize I sent your birthday greetings via Facebook. Oops – chalk it up to I didn’t know your new address.)

  4. Got it. Send more cards!
    And this makes me really want to send more kids cards on special days. Because I do remember how exciting it was to get mail and I want to make sure kids don’t miss out on that today just because their parents are getting messages from people in other forms.

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