capturing the everyday. at christmas.

I’m falling in love with our everyday again. I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing it’s because we’re creating some really amazing memories during this in-between time in our lives. SO I’ve kept my camera out more and am actually using it! Even when the house is a mess or the lighting is bad or the kids are mismatched. Doesn’t matter. It’s our life. Right now. And I’m intent on capturing it! Because one day, when we own our dream home (which is NOT our little red house since it SOLD yesterday!) and are years past this time we’re going to look back and want to remember… just like I sometimes miss living in our tiny house in Spokane, newly married with not a penny between us!

SO last weekend when my father-in-law, my brother-in-law and Chris were “forced” to put up the outside Christmas decorations I wanted to capture it. Because it was nap time and they had to go through the kid’s window to get on the roof so the kids were enthralled. Which was funny because the men were grumbly!

Do you love that I accidentally got a shot of C’s winter treat? HA! Every year it’s what keeps him sane and this year is no different… although now that he’s keeping it in our bedroom… HA!

To all the WGHS students that are reading this… this is NOT actually his alcohol. Coach Allen has never and does not ever drink alcohol. It is bad for you and could kill you. He does not condone any kind of drinking at all. Ever.

Just sayin’.

Oh. And do you want to see what ELfkin’s been up to? He got into a little mischief yesterday!

Silly Elf. He got into GoGo’s yarn stash and was all tied up! Under glass of course because one little two year old doesn’t remember what it means to NOT TOUCH THE ELF!

Just wait to see what Elfin is doing tonight! HA!

4 thoughts on “capturing the everyday. at christmas.

  1. Love all the traditions and memories that you are creating with your kiddos. So fun. That elf is hilarious!
    Looks like naptime was going really well!

  2. Oh that elfin! If he ever tires of Go-Go’s stash, I’ve got stash a-plenty! Think of it as a Summer Home.

  3. Love it, Jodie. I think all of your Christmas ideas are fab. I need a little attitude adjustment, my overwhelmed/bad mood funk is hitting at a terrible time, because who wants to be crabby at CHRISTMAS????? But I am SO inspired by you, and doing something for others. Love it, girl.

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