a really huge frozen lake.

Playing in the snow on a really huge frozen lake… the absolute best part of the WI trip in my opinion!

Bailey and Paw Paw dancing/ice skating.

It’s hard to see but Sam is holding a huge piece of ice and sucking on it! HA!
My mom and the girls found this big piece of ice that had tipped over and we got the kids to start using it for a slide, but to get up there was a slippery feat! I love that Uncle Chris caught me shoving Ab’s tush up the ice and if you look closely you’ll see my mom’s hand on my snow suit covered tush as well! Funniest photo of the trip!

The kids all got one last slide and then paw paw came down!

I have like 20 photos from this ice slide and they are all hysterical! Best time ever, seriously!

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