one tiny way to measure how little your kids are.

One day soon our kids will be too old to take baths together. But for now, they have a blast and Abbie and I love seeing our kids do things we did together when we were kids. I bet by the time Avery is old enough to get in with them Bailey will be too old but before that day my goal is to get a shot of all five of them together!

3 thoughts on “one tiny way to measure how little your kids are.

  1. Oh, I don’t think she’ll be too old! My kids still bathe together and it’s not weird…no strange poking or staring anyway!!!

  2. What the…? How did I miss all these posts?! Stupid Google Reader!
    Anyway I LOVEEE this series! Oh so cute! The B&W is just perfect!! Such a happy time!

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