wanna bowl? I Waun-a-bowl!

We are HOME after an 11 hour drive that should take 6 due to a blizzard, sleet and rain across three states. Driving 35mph on a highway with three kids in the car is defeating at best. About 30 minutes into the trip our wipers were frozen and we had to stop so we found a Walmart and spent way too much money on toys+movies to keep the kids extra happy knowing we had a very long day ahead of us! Of course I regret spending the money but I might be more of a mess if the kids hadn’t have been so occupied and happy the entire time!

Anyway, we’re home (still staying at my parents tonight so not quite home) and safe. And before I answer a mountain of email or just call it quits and head to bed, I have to share some pics from our bowling extravaganza yesterday at Waun-a-bowl in Waunakee, WI where my sister lives!

The essence of “embrace the grain” and I love it! We Waun-a-bowl again! It was Bailey’s favorite part of the trip she told us all day! And randomly I didn’t even get any shots of her bowling!

I still have so many shots to share from the trip! But first, tomorrow we are dealing with our CAR issues. Because you know what? We Waun-a-car too! :) Or we really just want our car back but it doesn’t look like that’s happening.

2 thoughts on “wanna bowl? I Waun-a-bowl!

  1. Loved every minute of the trip and the waun-a-bowl was really great! Although my back is aching and the gutters got way to many of my balls.

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