5 miles.

Do you know how far 5 miles is? Because I don’t.

I got a sitter for the second time this week (THANK YOU SARA KERR!) just so I could go running. If I were a millionaire I would hire someone for one hour every day so I could have this luxury!

Anyway, so Sara got here and I left with some new music to pound the pavement.

And I had HIGH intentions of trying to hit 3 miles tonight. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m supposed to be running in THIS race which is fast approaching. Do you know what’s NOT fast approaching?

Me being able to run five miles without walking.


Tonight I ran 2.06 miles in 24 minutes and I walked for one minute three times (my feet were cramping which has never happened before and I think I tied my shoes too tight?). So what is that? A 12 minute mile average? And DUDE I am a dripping puddle of sweat right now and in PAIN.

So if somehow in the next few weeks I can surpass the pain and keep my 12 minute mile pace it will take me 72 minutes to run the 5 miles right? I’m SWEATING into my keyboard so check my math.

The longest I’ve EVER run is 45 minutes and that’s when I was coaching lacrosse, in excellent shape and wanted to prove to my team I could do anything I made them do. Not that I made them run 45 minutes often. And I have run 5 miles TWICE in my life. But that was about 10 years ago. Again, in excellent shape and before three kids and endless Mnt Dews consumed me.

I’m telling myself it’s a process. And will take some time.

But COME ON! I’m a competitor at heart. Lacrosse was my sport and I was actually pretty good in college. And I was fast! At least looking back I tell myself that!


Sara is still upstairs giving the kids their bath b/c if I’m going to pay someone for an hour I’m going to make them do the hard parts of my night! I’m going to take my last few minutes and go clean up the kitchen from dinner while I try to stop the puddle forming in my underwear from the rivers streaming between my boobs and down my back.


TMI? Whatever.


For me it’s equal parts awesome and totally gut wrenching awful.

I love going farther than before. I love getting past the pain. I love finding my stride. I love sprinting up hills just to know I can still do it. I love the music pumping in my ears.

I hate the pain and the jiggle I have now in parts of my body that shouldn’t probably jiggle so much. I hate not doing or accomplishing what I set out to accomplish and I hate admitting I’m not the 20 year old lacrosse player anymore.

Tonight was a hard run.

But maybe tomorrow will be easier.

4 thoughts on “5 miles.

  1. keep it up jodie! it was because of your post the other day about getting out and running that i decided to get off my lazy rear and go run! i hadn’t run since last summer. and i’m not great. but i feel so great after i do it. i’m on day three today and planning to keep at it. thanks for motivating me to get moving! :)

  2. You need to eat bananas they help cramps in your legs and feet especially. I haven’t had one in several days and cramps in my feet and legs woke me up the last two nights.

  3. Just a quick motivator… You only will run for 60 minutes at 12 minute mile pace. See there you just took twelve minutes off your time! You can do it!!!!

  4. you can totally do it- walking is a valid part of your training! run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute & keep going until you get to your goal! walking BEFORE you get cramps or over-tired will help you add mileage more quickly, and you’ll soon be find that you’re running your miles faster, even if you keep the walk breaks. it’s the Jeff Galloway method, and i’m in love with it. used it for a marathon in december & still using it now. lest you think i’m a super athlete, i submit to you that i am JIGGLY to the extreme. i could tuck a water bottle under my belly flap. TMI? no. not at all. : )

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