Five. February.

I have so much to catch up on here… Fresh Art’s blog took the cake last week and the excitement hasn’t died down for the Mohr Mini sessions off screen at all so I’m BUSY with emails and plans and details. BUT my personal life still trudges on (or skips along depending on how many sick kids I have or how many Mnt Dews I’ve inhaled! HA!) and I need to get better about blogging it.


We did manage to get one shot of all five of us this month and that feels freaking awesome! Is it a good photo? Not terribly. Me and Gray mostly have our eyes shut but whatever. We’re together. It captured an AWESOME morning spent with our best friends (more photos from this hike soon!) and DUDE I’m keeping up with at least one of my new year’s goals! That’s rad all by itself.

Edited using Michelle Kane’s new actions that I’m totally obsessed with! She’s rad too.

February was the end of basketball season and the start of soccer (today), full of SICK SICK kids, we moved, we changed our eating habits in a massive way, we decided we love living in a small space (not that we can afford too big anyway!), got in a rhythm in the new digs, got serious at KCCI, made some minor changes and big announcements at Fresh Art, grew a friendship with a dear friend and ignited an old one, reminded me how much I love giving back and paying it forward, Bailey really “getting” how to read and watching her excel in a short amount of time, taking our head out of the sand and really looking at our finances, creating a BUDGET and just enjoyed being together everyday!

Happy END of the shortest and sometimes worst (sometimes best) month of the year! Welcome March… please bring SUN and WARMTH with you!

One thought on “Five. February.

  1. Jodie, you NEED to create a book called ‘The many faces of Parker’. Seriously, she is just hilarious! Could I borrow her any time I need a laugh? Love that girl!
    I have been eyeing MK’s actions… I would love to see some more example where you have used them! I may just grab them… although I am saving for my first car… hard decision! HA!
    How can we donate to the Mohr’s? Does it have to be through Paypal?

    Happy Tuesday :)

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