I only have a second this morning but I wanted to pop in and write this so I will remember.

During the winter Chris coaches basketball and basketball season sucks. It’s hard. It’s ALL late nights and early mornings to school so it’s just me and the kids for about 4 months.

Every Friday night this winter me and the kids had a movie night. We’d have a simple dinner or order pizza. We’d eat in the living room. I’d treat them to rootbeer or a fun dessert. We’d pick a new movie or an old favorite. It was always Mommy’s choice so there could be no hurt feelings. SO many good memories but my favorite happened just this last week.

My parents were out of town and Chris was coaching late. We’d eaten dinner and the movie was almost over. It was getting late (7:30pm!). It had been a warm day but the evening was chilly and we had the fire on. I walked in from clearing dishes to the kitchen and laid down on my tummy in front of the fire to watch the last few minutes. Within seconds a little man ran over and plopped himself with DogDog, blankies and a car on my lower back. His little legs straddled my body and he ran the car up and down from back to shoulders. Next came Parker who sat on my right and leaned her head on my shoulders peeking over me at the tv. She had pink sheep with her of course and curled her body into mine as much as she could. Before long Bailey came over and said, “I want to snuggle with you too” and sat on my left leaning her back into me with her head resting on my head.

I was so uncomfortable but the movie was so close to being over I stayed put. My elbows ached and my lower back screamed to get up. But I stayed put and then with the credits rolling I flipped myself over and we had a quick wrestle+cuddle before heading up to baths+bed.

These tiny moments are so fleeting. When they ALL want me. Whatever piece of me they can get. When the girls still try to curl in my lap even though they’re getting too long to fit comfortably. When Gray wants to be carried and held and cuddled. My three under three are growing and changing and I’m SO glad I realized early on that this will all pass quickly b/c it slows me down enough to savor these sweet times.

3 thoughts on “fleeting.

  1. Sounds like a fantastic night , I love your perspective on things and it has reminded me to enjoy my time with my sweet babies as it really does pass quickly! Whenever I need a pick me up I find your blog, you are so honest and I love that about you ! Even though we have never met I feel as though I know you ~ you are one of my fave bloggers ! Keep smiling Jodi and keep making fun memories with your sweet kids so you can keep posting about it all!

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