how to break a little girl’s heart.

Tell her that since her fever is at 102 she has to miss her Valentine’s Day party at school tomorrow.

This morning Parker woke up with a low grade fever and threw up her dinner from last night so we knew something was coming. Then by 5pm Bailey’s fever had spiked and I had to tell both girls they were going to have the WORLD’S BEST Vday at home tomorrow with ME! Bailey cried. Luckily I have thick skin and didn’t take it personally! :)

So I’ll be up all night cutting hearts for Bailey’s party she can’t even go to tomorrow. Can you say FRUSTRATING?

This morning we tested out her Vday outfit and took a few photos (she decided the jean skirt wasn’t cute enough so GoGo ran out and got a new skirt for her! Can we say spoiled? HA!) and by the looks of her lips I should have known something was coming… if you look closely you can see just how chapped+dry they are. She ONLY gets chapped lips like that when she has a fever. And her eyes didn’t look great all day but she just kept saying she was tired. Poor kid. And Parker too. She doesn’t get the whole party thing b/c 1. it’s just preschool and 2. she missed Thanksgiving AND Christmas parties already this year so she doesn’t have much to compare it to. She’s actually excited to spend the day with Mommy doing crafts and watching movies!


Two sick girls. Two missed parties. Grandma and PawPaw are out of town. Chris has a late night every single night this week. If I could I would go ahead and just install the fountain soda machine tomorrow and get it over with!

Her shirt is from HERE and you can see the Valentine’s they’ll eventually pass out HERE!

3 thoughts on “how to break a little girl’s heart.

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  2. Oh poor Bailey! So so sorry to hear you kids are sick :(
    I know you say how much the girls love each other so at least they can spend the whole day together :)
    Her outfit is just the cutest thing! That shirt… too sweet!

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