the dying game.

After this mornings post I realized that I never actually introduced The Dying Game to you. Probably because of what you might think of our family. And probably because I equal parts love and hate this game. Love because the girls totally crack me up and Hate because it’s so so morbid.

And in case there was ANY doubt, it started with Daddy on a trip to the park a few weeks ago on a very cold but very sunny day. Of course it was his idea! I claim NO part of the creation of this game but I do take responsibility to the constant capturing of this game! HA!

SO basically. It started with Chris telling the girls to go run out in the field and “die”. Then he ran out to “rescue” them. Now when Daddy isn’t around it turns into one or both of them dying and the others saving them. I call it the DYING game because they are always DYING but never DEAD. They always get rescued in time!

I love that they can barely contain the giggles while waiting to be rescued!

This is the most hysterical part to me…

Now because some people take blogs so freaking serious I feel I should say this: We DO NOT think dying or death is funny. We do not joke about dying at all. We have had some very serious conversations with all three kids lately about death because a dear friend of ours from our church died last week and even after explaining it numerous times none of them quite understand what it means. They do understand how sad it is though as we’ve been praying for Henry’s family. They are 5, 4 and 2 and do not understand that their silly game has anything to do with someone actually dying.

So do I think it’s bad I let them play this game every once in a while? Kind of, but not really. They have to explore issues like this in their own way I think. I believe kids start to understand the world around them by playing make believe first. SO do I feel a little badly when they play it? Yes. Because I do know what it means to lose someone. But I still let them because ultimately it’s not much different in my mind than playing house or doctor or store or school.


Bad or not it does make me laugh out loud when I see their faces, body movements and noises they made while falling all over the frozen ground!

4 thoughts on “the dying game.

  1. I think it’s wonderful and hilarious…the best photo is the two of them just lying there and then they jump up and start running around again…absolutely hilarious…

    I love that they don’t understand death yet…that is a gift of childhood…let them play :)

  2. Fun! The best part like you said, the giggles! Another idea, our boys (ages 3 and 4) giggle like crazy when we have “family huddles” – consisting of daddy sitting in the family room or hiding somewhere and mommy/boys yelling “family huddle!!” and the boys crazy run to the laundry room on the other side of the house. We huddle (always in the same spot), determine a game plan (i.e., “tickle daddy!” or “take his shoes off!”) then they run crazy to do their mission. Daddy always acts surprised. We all yell “family huddle” again, and it can go on for an hour! Guess in a strange way it teaches follow directions, taking turns in determining the game plan, and some exercise too if we do it outside!

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