yet another day of snow.

We do not live in Wisconsin. And although we don’t have foot upon foot of snow like my sister does, this is by far the most snow in one winter I’ve ever seen I think! The kids are loving it and I am finding myself more and more melancholy. Wishing for blue skies and warm temps. More outside time and running around for the kids. Truly, I just miss the feel of a warm sun on my skin. I want to sit on a chair and close my eyes and look up at the sky just soaking in the sun.

But in the meantime… we ARE going outside as much as we can to let the kids enjoy the SNOW SNOW SNOW.

This series cracks me up… the girls like to play “dying” which is the most hilarious and morbid game ever. I usually tell them to stop playing it but of course with my camera out I let it go…

Oh and the girls and I made snowmen! The first I’ve ever done and their first too! We had a blast!

And the last pic is from when Gray woke up from nap and C got home from his game… I got a break and went inside only to pop my head out to find this…

HA! He tied them all together and was dragging them around the yard!

I guess the snow isn’t so bad but DUDE I am ready for spring!

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