funniest part of today.

This morning Gray had his adenoids taken out and new tubes put in his ears. It went quick and he did awesome! Three hours after surgery and two hours after we got home he was running around like a wild man. So a big answer to prayer that he’s fine and here’s to hoping he’ll actually feel better from now on!

Chris stayed home most of the day to help me and go to the hospital with me. Which meant he was home for lunch and when my package from Better Life got here. Of course he thought I lost my mind b/c who orders cleaning supplies online and who spends that much money on cleaning supplies, so I was explaining why making the house toxin free is so important. I said what hit me is that we lock up the cleaners because they’re so toxic but then spray them all over the house! Crazy.

And that’s when he said the funniest thing ever.

“Jod, seriously? You’re worried about the kids being around chemicals after Parker had nicotine in her ear?”


Second best part of the day? When he said he thinks I’m crazy but will get on board with anything to make the kids feel better.

The first made me laugh hysterically and the second made me love him so much!

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