spring break day 1

Our day started at the circus and even though I had my camera you won’t see any proof because they made me take it back to the car before entering the building. AND they made me throw away all the organic snacks I had packed. I’m honestly not sure which made me the most angry! SO frustrating. The circus was fun though and it was neat to have such a big outing with just Gray! I think at least once a year we need to somehow have just one kid for a few days so we can really get to know them, give them one on one time, let them be really spoiled for a bit! I think it’s Bailey’s turn next b/c she’s never had a chance. Parker had 9 days last year in the hospital and even though that’s the suckiest excuse for alone time, we did really get to know her during that week. I’m thinking this summer we’ll do something special with each kid or something.


After the circus the boys napped and I went yarn shopping with my friend Adriane who’s going to make some newborn hats for Fresh Art! SO fun to pick out our own yarn! Then I hit the grocery store because Chris requested BEEF! The allergy child is out of town so he wanted to EAT! HA!

Two HUGE steaks and some veggies+fruit later I was home and starting dinner with the boys.

Seriously, I’ve never had a steak that was so good! Fish is great (for PJ especially) but MAN do we love a good steak!

It’s been since last summer since C has grilled and although the veggies were not so hot, he ROCKED the steaks!

While I was inside cutting fruit and veggies, Gray was outside with Daddy playing on the deck. He had the tweezers from our bug box and was “fixing” the rocks. He’s so damn cute!

Then of course he moved onto soccer. This kid is obsessed with soccer!

Gray’s plate. Steak, pasta, veggies (yellow pepper, asparagus and broccoli) and strawberries.

This is all that’s left! HA! We seriously ate some meat! And we’ll have steak quesadillas for lunch tomorrow with the tiny bit of leftovers!

We ended the night by letting Gray stay up late and watch a movie with us. It totally wasn’t appropriate (Karate Kid with Jaden Smith) but he doesn’t sit for more than five minutes anyway so he played while we watched and it was nice just being together. Can’t wait until tomorrow to have another Bubba-filled day!

One thought on “spring break day 1

  1. I would have cried about the organic snacks. I’ve had to put my foot down to break food rules a few times because of L’s allergies!

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