spring break day 2

A day late posting this but last night I got sucked into “Hereafter” with Matt Damon and just put the computer away!

Yesterday I did 13 loads of laundry. Awesome. In between all of THAT fun we took Gray to the park to play baseball for a little while before lunch+naps. We kept asking if he wanted to play on the playground but all he was interested in was playing ball! If this kid isn’t an athlete one day! He’s obsessed!

Can I say again how easy it is to have one kid? We had a blast playing baseball with our little man!

The afternoon was naps for the men and laundry for me. Then C took Gray to his parents for his Aunt Peggy’s birthday party while I stayed home with tummy issues. I hated missing the party but really felt terrible. I don’t know if “tummy issues” hits any other women but it comes on so fast sometimes it drives me crazy. I have a friend this happens to and we always commiserate with each other because it’s SO annoying!

Anyway, Spring Break Day 2 was quiet and simple and nice. Day 3 coming up since I’m a day behind!

4 thoughts on “spring break day 2

  1. Have definitely had tummy issues at different times. And OH MY YES it does come on fast. Eek!

    I love these pictures! Jodie, you look beautiful and so happy!

  2. Are your tummy issues related to womenly issues? If not, have you gotten tested for food allergies too?

    Gray is so cute. His stance is fantastic.

    And would it be offensive to say your husband has nice legs? If so, then never mind. Just asking. ;)

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