wednesday night thoughts. in list form.

1. Chris left today for his soccer trip to Tulsa. He gets home Saturday night really late after a day where I’m working for 14+ hours straight. Hate being a single parent even though living at my parent’s does make life a whole lot easier. As I did dinner+bath+books+prayers+bed alone tonight I struggled with resenting him and the fun he’s having.

2. Parker has had an ear ache for a week so I took her to the doc. They’ve told me she has wax in her ear for a long time but it’s always a casual mention, nothing serious. But today we saw a different doc b/c ours was gone and he wanted it flushed out. THANK YOU LORD for Dr. Lackey today! Do you want to know what he flushed out of her ear?

Are you prepared for this?


At least that’s exactly what it looked like as it was about an inch long, perfectly cylindrical and squishy. It did not break apart like wax should have and after multiple nurses inspected it the concensus was a cigarette butt covered in black wax.

OMG I literally gagged as they pulled this thing out of her ear.

Two hours later we were in the car and she said, “my voice is so loud when I talk!” HA!

3. Last summer I posted THIS where I told the world my weight. About a month ago I was down from 186 to 172 so almost 15lbs lost. Doing a whole lot of nothing. Except regulating my hormones after nursing for over a year maybe? Anyway, today I’m 176 and starting to run everyday again. Except today I didn’t because Chris is gone and I feel bad asking my mom to watch the kids just so I can exercise. But what’s so funny to me is that on the Biggest Loser I am most womens goal weight! Weight is so freaking relative it drives me insane. I was about 145-150 at my wedding and I think I’d be totally happy right now around 160. We’ll see if a little arm weights (that I do in the living room) and running and eating a tiny bit better will do anything. We all know soda isn’t gone for a while, not at least until I can stop working so late at night, which sucks b/c if I had any kind of will power I bet 10 of those pounds would melt off going cold turkey off the Dew. Isn’t it sad I’d rather run than stop drinking the nectar of the Gods? Whatever. I’m someone’s goal weight so I can’t look THAT bad can I? Ugh.

4. House hunting is driving me insane. I’m obsessed with watching the streets I’d love to live on for houses for sale, I scour the internet when I should be working all the while knowing I could find our dream house and we’re not quite ready to jump. I need to stop. Like now. And relax. And save money. And pay bills. And watch our credit score climb higher. It’s just hard because I’m dreaming of a summer of DIY projects. Among other things.

5. I’m going to have nightmares tonight about that THING that came out of my kid’s ear today. UGH!

6. I need to find a regular babysitter so I can work more hours during the day. But it’s hard to afford that when I tell myself I could work the same hours late at night for free. And yet I don’t get half as much done at night b/c I’m too tired. It’s a bad cycle!

7. I’m super excited about our 52 Smiles project this week! My BFF Angie is joining us with her girls so between us three moms there will be 10 kids! It’s going to be radical! I’m SO blessed to have Adriane doing this with me and so excited to bring Angie in this week!

8. I was really excited for a fun session with the Beachy family tomorrow and the threat of COLD temps and SNOW canceled our plans. HATE St. Louis sometimes!

9. Started putting together the gift bags we’re handing out to the families participating in the Mohr Mini Sessions on Saturday and I’m so thankful for the people who sent little gifts and/or coupons! I love the connections we’ve made and the friends we have who are willing to help make this event SO awesome. I also love the backdrops we’re working on! SO fun! I also love working with my friend, Missy Lang. Kim and I talked tonight about how much we love thinking of her as a permanent part of our business… whether she does or not! HA!

10. Do you have any idea how mad I am that I didn’t take a photo of the CIGARETTE in PJ’s ear? SO mad b/c you guys would be FREAKING out if you saw how big this thing was and how tiny her ear is. I’m seriously haunted by it!

Time to get my butt moving on some edits tonight and a painting that’s stuck in my head. I don’t paint much. AT ALL. EVER. But I love it and all day I’ve had this idea in my head that I want to get out. Luckily Kim and I had to make a stop at Hobby Lobby so I bought a few brushes, a small canvas and paint to make it happen. Good shows tonight so we’ll see how far I get! Mnt Dew ordered (haven’t done that in a LONG time but feel I deserve it with Daddy gone!) so time to work!

ps… for some reason the comments aren’t being emailed to me anymore which is so annoying but thanks for the tummy issues support! And thanks for saying I look nice Jen, love you! And Gina, his smile and his legs are why I married him! HA!

2 thoughts on “wednesday night thoughts. in list form.

  1. I want to make a joke, but I’m too horrified to come up with anything! Thank the good doctor for getting that thing out of your daughter’s head. I can’t believe you didn’t get a shot of it… Okay, I’m off to Google “cigarette ear wax.”

  2. So L totally had MAJOR tummy issues last night. Apparently, you can have allergic reactions 24 hours+ after eating allergens. You think you might have a food allergy?

    And I’m glad you weren’t offended. Not that I thought you might be. ;)

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