52 Smiles | #5 & #6

I’ve been taking SO many photos of our everyday and just running out of steam at night to post them. SO when I have the energy I’m hoping to catch up!

Tonight, before I head to bed, I wanted to share our last two 52 Smiles projects.

#5 was pretty simple and pretty awesome. The kids helped me one night to make rice krispie treats. We added a ton of chocolate chips and doubled the recipe so they would be crazy chocolaty and extra thick. We stuck them in the fridge over night and in the morning I cut them into big squares, wrapped them in wax paper and tied a cute ribbon with a note that said something like, “we truly appreciate all you do”. And then we gave our gifts to the janitor at Bailey’s and Ahren’s school and the janitor at our church/Parker’s preschool. Mr. Bobby and James.

Of course Adriane’s gifts were dressed cuter but I would argue that the CHOCOLATE of ours was better! HA! Just kidding, she’s a way better cook than I am!

See? Adriane’s were way cuter than mine!

Mr. Bobby was surprised and tickled I think! Bailey was SO nervous so Ahren was our brave boy!

#6 was awesome. We went to visit our Grandma Berta.

Grandma Berta was my Grandma’s best friend (my mom’s mom) and growing up she came to every holiday or family function so she was always just as important to us as our own Grandma. My Grandma died when I was 17 so Berta has filled that huge void in my life and I love that my kids love her so much. Just look at Parker looking at her! I love the look on her face!

So Adriane made cute little bags of treats with a sweet note (about having “Joy in the Lord”) that we were going to let the kids hand out to some of the residents. I was supposed to make 20 bags also and just never got them done, but A’s 20 were plenty so it worked out fine.

The funniest part of this was that Berta made us read her the name of the person from their door and would only let us give them to some people! I guess some didn’t deserve our treat! HA! It really was hysterical the way she’d say, “No, not HIM!” HA!

I love this shot of Parker and Lydia talking together!

The kids also got to hang out with Berta in the lounge area and sing her songs which she loved! They were SO great.

And one of the best parts of this project was that Kelsey came along! She is like my little sister and was home from college for her 21st birthday so she came with us! Berta is her adoptive Grandma too!

Oh how we love these two girls!

We are still LOVING our 52 Smiles project! Friday we are doing park clean-up in honor of Earth Day. Of course I’ll take photos and of course I will post them at some point! :) Fresh Art is SO busy right now I’m just drowning in edits so bear with me as this blog gets neglected!

One thought on “52 Smiles | #5 & #6

  1. Everytime I see one your KINDNESS posts I get soooo excied thinking about your FINAL book… all the memories… all the lives you’ve touched… all the fun… al the blessings… I’m NOT good about taking pics of all we do. YOU really encourage me to snap more action-in-the-moment shots. Sometimes I get overwhelmed just making a project happen! The main thing is that we are doing it!!! yea!!!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!

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