He is risen! The Lord is risen indeed!


1. My friend Adriane texted me this morning, “He is risen” and it gave me the biggest smile! I love having a friend so excited for Christ!

2. I got over my hatred of holidays in general yesterday when I finally remembered how much I really love Easter. It’s one of my favorite church services… SO joyful! I love hearing my mom say, “The Lord is risen indeed!” louder than anyone else! (It used to embarrass me but now I love it)

3. Bailey sang louder than any other kid in choir today and I loved seeing my mom and Terri giggle together with the most proud smiles on their faces as they watched her! She was brave and loud and clear even though she wasn’t feeling all that great. Parker did great too, we just couldn’t hear or see her!

4. I loved having both sets of parents at church today. When the Allen’s come to church with us it always makes my heart so happy because our kids are literally surrounded by love at Emmanuel but having them there somehow makes it all feel totally complete.

5. I was able to apologize to a friend after church and I’m glad she understood.

6. Chris let me stop for a soda (yes, back ON but trying to take it easy) without any kind of judgmental comments.

7. Great lunch at the Allen’s after church and laughed so hard when cousin Andrea actually got IN Gray’s power wheels golf cart and rode around with him!

8. Hanging out with my girls for an hour while the boys napped before family came over to my parent’s house (and our temp house). All I did was sit in a chair while they colored and watched a movie but I love just listening to them love each other.

9. Hiding the eggs outside all by myself. Kind of fun to have people smile and wave as they drove by knowing what I was doing!

10. Watching the kids hunt for eggs with their cousins (they are my second cousin’s kids so I’m not sure what that makes them, but on my mom’s side it just means FAMILY and I love that!), seeing Bailey and Arden in the same dress, watching Parker, Bailey and Arden bond for the first time, laughing with MY cousins at our crazy kids and having Bailey give up some of her eggs to the girls that didn’t make as big of a haul.

11. Chatting with my cousin Ryan’s wife, Erin, for so long. I adore her and am making it a mission to hang out with her and her kids more often.

12. Staying up until after midnight last night making rice krispie treats, hiding eggs in the house for early this morning with Chris, putting the kid’s baskets together, creating cute little hand-cut tags for each basket (oh yes I got CRAFTY!) and being the last one to bed… I love turning lights out and pulling covers back on and giving that one last kiss goodnight.

13. Knowing the kids still believe in the Easter bunny (the stupidest of holiday traditions in my book but still kind of fun) but understand that Christ died for our sins and rose again. Which is obviously way more important!

14. Watching my friend Beth lead an amazing Children’s Chapel at church with a great demonstration of the rock being rolled away from Christ’s tomb.

15. Getting all the laundry put away tonight so I have a semi-clean slate for starting the week. AND having our awesome sitter lined up for tomorrow so tonight I can stay up late editing and have help tomorrow!

It was a GREAT day.

The only bad parts? I forgot my camera until late this afternoon so I missed the kid’s first egg hunt from the Easter Bunny (aka, mom and dad), I missed the traditional family photo of all of us looking cute, I missed everything from the Allen’s and then only snapped a few later on because I felt like I had to. And lastly, Bailey’s sick… I think it’s a cold but for some reason it’s really setting off her asthma. Coughing constantly in her sleep tonight tells me she’ll most likely stay home tomorrow and hoping we won’t have to do middle of the night neb treatments.

And ok, to make a long post LONGER… the BEST part of today? That we are officially ONE full year from the scariest day of my life. Today is the one year anniversary from when Parker started having seizures and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. The day one year ago that started a 9 day stay in the hospital with a very sick little girl. I am SO glad today fell on Easter this year so that I was distracted because any time I think back on that day, one year ago, I start tearing up. Which is funny since I made it through that entire time with so little tears. But now, when I let myself think back on all the details of those days I get this pit in my stomach and the tears sting my eyes. SO. I’m glad we’re a year past it with no residual effects, that she’s healthier than ever before and that I’m hopeful I’ll never have to go through anything like that ever again.

It also reminds me of how blessed we are. It’s funny, my memories from that time are so scattered and random. Like Parker painting with pudding at 4:30am, her gifts of dolls lining the bottom of her bed, the pictures she colored all over the walls, the rocks left in our garden signed by Emmanuel after they cleaned up our yard, the Mnt Dews that were brought or sent every day, the times she couldn’t talk, laying in bed with her while she cried, etc. It’s like I don’t remember whole days, just snippets and moments. But the overall feeling I remember was bring wrapped in love and support and prayer. Thanks, one last time, to everyone that helped us through that intense time, you have no idea what it meant and what it still means to us today.

So today was just lots of kinds of awesome.

Happy Easter!

(gotta post the few snap shots I got today for the memory books!)

Parker running to find eggs!

Bailey in the middle of the hunt!

This photo totally cracks me up even though it’s TERRIBLE! Parker, Arden and Bailey are saying “Happy Easter” and so is Gray WAY back there in the back where he wanted to stand. And the big girls think the whole thing is SO last year! HA!

So I just reread ALL my blog posts from Parker last year and WOW I forgot most of it. Seriously, as I was reading I kept thinking how GLAD I am that I blogged each day (multiple times a day sometimes) because I don’t remember so much of it! Blogs can be such a blessing!

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