looking forward to a long day.

I went to bed at 11:30pm. Bailey was coughing so badly (ear infection) she needed a breathing treatment at 1am. Parker woke up dry heaving at 2am (after throwing up twice yesterday). Grayson woke up throwing up at 3:30am (he made it to the toilet). Then I finally slept from about 4am to 6am when Chris woke me up because Gray had pooped, he’d laid him on the floor to change him without realizing there was poop up his back and in his hair. Chris took Gray to the tub while I got out the carpet cleaner to clean the shit off the floor. Literally.

Now they are all drinking Gatorade and eating dry cereal. I’m praying it stays down.

I’m also praying Bailey doesn’t get it. Or me. Or C. Or my mom and dad. I’d be very happy if it stayed with just the littlest two.

I HATE nights like last night. And I hate sitting here at 7am looking down the line of 12+ hours before I can tuck these kids back in bed and call it a day. You never want to start the day wishing it was over.

And although Chris was awesome last night at getting both Parker and Grayson to the toilet in time (he’s WAY better than me at that b/c I kind of freeze and catch the puke in whatever blankets are nearby) I couldn’t help but resent the fact that he got to LEAVE a little while ago. Because although he’s as tired as me, I’d rather be doing ANYTHING besides, well, this.

You know, answering every demand as quickly as possible to keep sick kids happy, waiting for the puke or poop or coughing to start again, hoping I can find a movie that keeps all three entertained, etc. It’s one of those days I MIGHT get a shower and I will be living off Mnt Dew.

Ugh. It’s going to be a long day.

Here’s hoping and praying no one else gets sick!

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