my kids.

The night of Bailey’s Kindergarten Musical and Parker’s Grandpa Night at preschool they all looked so cute I did something I rarely do, make them stand together and let me take a photo of them looking nice! Which cracks me up because there is a blog I read and I swear she just takes photos of her daughters to show off the new monogrammed or smocked outfit she bought that week and I CRINGE (but keep reading so go figure!). But well, when most of the pics I have of my kids involves food on their faces or paint in their hands I had to snap these that night!

This one cracks me up! Parker was so tired before the evening even started she was dazed, Bailey was NERVOUS about her program and Gray was just being a total stinker but making me laugh!

You know how sometimes you wish your kids would just disappear to give you a moment of PEACE? And then other times you love them so much you want to pull them all into your bed and cuddle them forever? Yeah, I love being a mom.

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