sick day.

I exceeded my bandwidth again yesterday and had to buy more hosting. It is a good problem to have because I guess people are stopping by this blog (I don’t check stats so I have no idea if five or five hundred read this!) BUT it kind of makes me mad to have to PAY for more space on the internet. I guess I just don’t get it! So for $6 extra a month I should be ok!

It’s Wednesday. Gray and raining. I feel tired but not sure if it’s because of lack of sleep (I always have a lack of sleep) or just a mood from being stuck at home with sick kids all week. Does that ever happen to you? You get tired and kind of gloomy when you’ve been stuck inside for days on end? Especially when it’s gray and rainy? Before I was married or had kids I would go through periods like this naturally and call them my hermit days. When I would curl up and read a book all day or lay on the couch watching movies avoiding emails and phone calls completely. Sometimes I turn inward and like just being with me. And that’s kind of how I’m feeling but I think it’s more a result of being MOM and doing anything the kids need the second they need it for too many days.

Does any of that make sense?

Anyway, yesterday when the sun was actually out a bit I managed to capture little pieces of our day. And I’m so glad I did because allowing myself to take super grainy not perfect photos sometimes is a huge relief. I feel like this blog only contains my crappy photography actually. But I’m ok with that. Because it shows that I have my mom hat on with a camera in my hand as opposed to having my photographer hat on while trying to be a mom. Mom first on this blog! I can live with craptastic photos as long as they tell our story.

Our day was a mix of energy and then crashing. We played games and watched movies. We cleaned up poop and took baths. Well, I cleaned up poop and they took baths. Today has been much of the same!

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