bailey’s first four goals!

I’m so behind in blogging and it seems like all my favorite bloggers are in the same boat. Everyone I read regularly don’t post regularly anymore and now neither do I. There were YEARS I posted at least every day and I’m starting to really miss it… but time just seems to be slipping through my fingers right now. Between work and busy kids and rehabbing a house and preparing to move and trying to enjoy summer it’s exhausting. And every night I do still manage to get the days images off my camera and sometimes even edited but by then I am an exhausted mess and couldn’t put sentences together if I tried. Which is sad because I used to think I was a decent writer! Now, if I blog at night I always reread it the next morning praying I didn’t say anything too dumb! AND I have to do that over at Fresh Art as well because I blog there at night too. Ugh.

My resolution this year was to get back to daily blogging so this little online memory keeper was actually keeping our daily memories but we’re more than half-way through 2011 and so far I’ve stunk at keeping up. Whatever. At this point I have a folder on my computer called “today” and it’s where ALL the images I take of our life every day (because I still do really take at least a few images each day) go to hang out until I can 1. edit them and 2. blog them. Once they’re blogged they get reorganized. Because I’m anal. Anyway, there are almost 600 images in that “today” folder right now! HA! So my goal right now is to just start at any random place I want and start blogging our life, even if it’s from back in April!

Luckily, THIS blog is from just a week ago! When Bailey scored her first FOUR soccer goals ever! She’s on a little club soccer team called Webster United and Chris gets to help coach. She LOVES it! Last week our friend Kevin got to help coach too so our girls (Kate and Bails) were over the moon! Toss in FOUR goals and our girl was just beaming the whole way home!

Kate and her missing front tooth (which is now missing both front teeth and this kid can’t get any cuter if she tried!).

I don’t know if you can see this but she has her tongue poking into her cheek in this photo and it totally cracks me up! C’s dad, Bubba (Bill), sticks his tongue out when he concentrates on something and this SO reminded me of him!

Right before she scored and of course immediately after this shot I put my camera down so I could cheer and missed the actual goal!

She was so funny when she scored… she had a very serious look on her face with just a little smile she let creep onto her lips like she didn’t want to let anyone know just how thrilled she was with herself!

I hope I can remember her face in 20 years from that description because it was priceless and I was too busy holding back tears and clapping my heart out to take a photo!

We are SO proud of her because in a year she’s come so far! In the fall she cried before soccer and didn’t want to go or play once we got there. We made her stick it out to teach her responsibility but we didn’t make her play, she could sit and cheer on her teammates. Now, almost a year later she LOVES it and looks forward to her practices and games each week!

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  1. I know it is hard to blog regularly… For me the moment it becomes a job and not a joy… I stop! :) . My goal is to blog once a week… And then if I get more than that… GREAT!!! I think you do a sensational job at documenting the beautiful and special moments!

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