the people I don’t deserve. in no particular order.

My mom. For surprising us today and doing ALL our laundry. You have no idea what a blessing this is to me. Unless you have three kids and then you totally get it. For taking the kids tomorrow for us so we can work on the house. For cleaning up the whole house after a week of chaos. For constantly helping.

The Allen’s. For letting us come to the lake house today to just chill the heck out. One day of not stressing over the house to do list or work, just fun. For taking me antiquing while my clan slept and for taking us out for dinner. It was an amazing (too short) day.

My sister. For coming in town early to help with the kids. For keeping me sane during an intense week. For doing chores that I was slacking on. For our incredible gift you left us yesterday. For giggling with me and having fun. I couldn’t have made it through the week without you.

Our friends and family. For the support. The love. The HELP. The good wishes and constant prayers. For the gift cards to Lowes or Target or Home Depot. For the offers to help paint or help move. For helping with the kids.

My husband. For staying at the house for 12+ hours a day while I was out of town with the kids to get things done. For going over there tonight even after a long day at the lake to sand all the wood work in our bedroom and the kitchen cabinets. For trusting my vision. For surprising me the other night by ripping out the fake-wood kitchen floor down to the old+original wood floors and leaving me this to find in the morning:

I mean seriously. He was totally speaking my love language! Some girls might not think a bare+rough wood floor with “I love you” painted on it isn’t romantic but to me it couldn’t have been more romantic! He really is stepping up in ways I’ve never seen in the last week since we bought the house. I love seeing him so motivated to make this space our own!

Oh and don’t worry, those floors are already painted! :)

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