the summer camping trip. part one.

A couple of weeks ago while Chris worked endless hours at the new house, I took the kids and went to our family reunion at Johnson Shut-Ins State Park. Aside from having NO water/bathroom in our cabin, it was a gorgeous park and we had a great time! I will admit there were moments I wished I hadn’t gone or just had C with me because although I had tons of family around to help, it was still overwhelming to be a single parent while camping (even cabin camping!), but in the end I’m so glad we went!

We started day one off at Elephant Rocks and the kids LOVED hiking on the rocks, jumping around and eating a picnic lunch Aunt Abbie packed for us all! It was HOT and it’s all Chris (my brother-in-law, NOT my husband) and I could talk about! And of course while we’re complaining about having sweat dripping in very uncomfortable places, my sister is all, “Oh, I’m not a big sweater and it’s really not that bad!” Jerk. It was like 125 degrees and hiking on those rocks felt like the surface of the sun! Ok, obviously I’m in kind of a complaining mood! HA! It’s a beautiful place and somewhere I can’t wait to go again with Chris in tow!

My sweet niece Avery!

I love watching my dad truly enjoy spending time with his grandkids! They bring out the very best in him!

Balance camera on rock and run like hell to get in at least one shot? Done. And done.

More soon!

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