just one more embarrassing moment to add to my lifetime list.

I took the kids to church yesterday morning without Chris and after working a 12 hour wedding the night before. So I always think I deserve some kind of award for awesome parenting when I do something like that. But what that also meant was that we got there a bit late and ended up sitting at the very back of the church. It’s what happens when I don’t have Grandma to save us seats or Chris to make me stop chatting in the dining room before the service!

We sat in front of a sweet friend of mine, someone I don’t know all that well but know well enough to chit chat with about casual things. So the entire service we whispered about how cute each others kids are, how our summers were, etc. Nothing mind blowing but nice… like it’s awesome to see someone in the same stage of life you’re in and can instantly talk about anything.

After communion we sat back down and I leaned back to make idle conversation by saying, “can you believe how dry the bread was today?”

And that’s when I took my foot and shoved it so far down my throat I was audibly choking!

“Oh, I’m sorry, I knew it wasn’t a good batch” she sad.


“You MADE the bread???”


Of ALL the people in the entire church and of ALL the random conversation starters I could have used! I just stared at her speechless until I finally managed to get out an even bigger gem…”It would have tasted great with butter!”


You guys! Can you even imagine? I tried so hard to back track and not make her feel SO bad but SHIT! Not much I could really say! She was SO sweet and laughed it off but UGH! It is still haunting me today.

I think I’m going to go buy her a card and maybe a bakery gift card or something? I don’t know how to make it right but I feel terrible! I couldn’t bake a loaf of bread that tasted like anything if you paid me! And here I am, complaining to the BAKER herself! Seriously, would you have died?

Me and my big mouth.

Trying to make casual conversation with an acquaintance who will certainly never want to become better friends with me now!

Thought I’d try to make all of you feel better today by sharing my HANDS DOWN most embarrassing moment ever!

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “just one more embarrassing moment to add to my lifetime list.

  1. You are so funny! I wouldn’t buy her a bakery gift card though…it might make her feel worse. Like you really believe she can’t bake :)

  2. Oh — I wish I could spare you any further embarassment, but I’m afraid I suffer from foot-in-mouth disease and I’m the last person to offer any sort of advice except to say a nice card with an old Monoply “Get Out of Jail Free” card in it might smooth any ruffled feathers. You never know when your friend might need it, and I sure wish I traveled with one!

  3. If you only knew how many embarassing moments I have had at church, you would die. It’s a good thing that Jesus preached unconditional love! I am laughing so hard right now because my children suggested to me that if I thought the bread was too dry, to just “dunk it for a long time” into the wine!

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