Oh how I love and adore field hockey.

Chris and I got married over Labor Day weekend almost seven years ago and we chose that date because it was a long weekend so it didn’t interrupt soccer too much. That first year he coached boys soccer, boys basketball and girls soccer. Second year he coached the same sports but he moved to a second school to be head coach of a girls team so it was more travel. Then we moved home and he did boys and girls soccer (I had Parker in the middle of boys season that year). Fourth year he added basketball back in going back to three sports when I had two under two and was pregnant with Gray. Fifth year, three kids three and under, he was three sports still and NEVER home. If you look back in the blog archives it was a rough time! Last year I cried uncle and he gave up boys (fall) soccer but it was basketball that nearly did me in. Super late nights and me by myself with the kids all the time. So THIS year he quit basketball and picked up field hockey. He’s the head coach of field hockey and girls soccer this year and so far I am LOVING field hockey season!

He’s home by 6:30pm and the second he walks in I walk out the door. I’ve made dinner, fed the kids, done the dishes, started a load of laundry and gotten the kids in the tub by the time he gets home which means I’ve survived the hardest part of the day and deserve to leave! The last week I’ve been going out for an hour to walk/jog and do the stairs at Webster football field. It is GLORIOUS! I started listening to a Ken Follet book on iTunes so all day I look forward to reading listening and the workout is getting easier. I used to love to read, I STILL love to read but just can’t make time for it. I’m an addictive reader. When I get into a book I literally don’t sleep or do anything until I finish. It’s like I inhale books. Or at least I used to. Now, by the time I get to lay in bed I’m asleep by the time I hit the pillow!

Anyway, so far this fall has been amazing. We’re living in our new house and ignoring everything we still need to do, I’m exercising and actually enjoying it, I’m working two good jobs and C is happy at his jobs (teaching+coaching) and the kids are THRIVING in their new home+schools. And I give all the credit to field hockey! This season is just easier on us. Or maybe the kids are just getting bigger which means they’re getting easier! I’m not sure but we are happy right now. I’m happy right now and it feels so awesome.

The last seven years have been tough. Living super far away from family, the first years of marriage, three surprise babies in under three years, no money, working non-stop and then living with family. It’s been a ride. Kind of an up and down roller coaster I’m happy to be off! For the first time ever I just feel like maybe it’ll be smooth sailing for a little while.

I guess it’s really not field hockey and just where we are in life right now, but I think I’ll give field hockey the credit this time!

3 thoughts on “Oh how I love and adore field hockey.

  1. I totally get it. For our first 4 years of having kids, I would almost cry every time Mike was gone for a night. And that is NOTHING like Chris’ sports schedule!!! Physically, I could handle it…emotionally I was a mess. I can’t remember when the switch flipped, exactly, but it’s gotten so much easier, and when Mike has meetings or bible study at night, it is free time for me to sew or craft something out of felt. We’ve hit a great place, and I feel like it is the calm before the TEENAGE YEARS!!! Egad!!

  2. I can definetly relate to being a coaches wife. A coach of multiple sports.. back to back seasons. But I only have one son. The first year with him (last year) I felt like a ‘hot mess’ most of the time. I’m confident this year will be easier.  Anyway totally amazing that you did it with three little ones. That gives me hope! :)

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