the first day of school for my little BIG first grader!

I am still in shock that I have a first grader. That’s like some kind of real life grade school KID. There are so many times I still think of her as a toddler, like having three under three was just burned in my brain and my mind can’t move forward. But then the rest of the time I look at this kid, this KID, that is helpful and caring and thoughtful and prayerful and kind and loving, and I realize she’s six going on sixteen.

Gotta love that six year old FAKE smile! It’s nearly impossible for me these days to get a real smile from her! Drives me mad b/c she has the BEST real smile!


In an effort to document our life and keep this online scrapbook hopping, especially since it’s been limping along for at least a year now, I have a TON of photos to share tonight. And stories. If you don’t have time go ahead and move on. This ones for me and is one LONG post!

First, last night we had our best friends, the MacBrydes, over for a back-to-school dinner. They had just gotten back in town from Florida and we figured Angie would be running around crazy getting ready for school and we hoped feeding them would take at least one little thing off her plate. Not to mention we LOVE spending time with them! I set the table with a back-to-school theme (disregard the paper plates!) and with the chaos of six kids and a dinner to get on the table all I got photographed was the damn table! I WANTED to get a shot of all six of my favorite kids before the year started but whatever! You can’t win them all right?

Not sure if I have shown this side of the front room yet or not… Terri (my MIL) painted our old yard sale table turquoise and it’s so awesome! Some people might think we’re insane but I love it! The chairs she also painted and recovered for us as they were C’s grandma’s and not so cute anymore! The dark cabinet on the right holds my craft supplies right now and the white work bench on the left is my home office (personal bills, files, inbox, school stuff, medical records, etc.). Fresh Art stuff is in the basement (wrapping table, files, etc.) but I needed a space that was easily accessible for me so I would keep up with things (I’m not the best at dealing with finances but am getting better!). It’s not ideal to have craft supplies and other crap (bills=crap) in our only dining room/eating space but our house is small and I’d rather use the space best for me than what’s best for appearances. Luckily those huge drawers in the work bench hide all of my piles!

Super simple but I love the globe+pencils so much I’m leaving it up for a little while!

Then there were the first-day-of-school-early-morning-mom-leave-me-alone-photos!

I’m doing an entirely separate post on this one photo later tonight. Oh these three kids.

We dropped Bails off and she did awesome! No nerves or anything just smiles and excitement!

Parker missed Bailey ALL day. It was so cute and really sad too. Two years apart in school is making them seem further apart than ever and it makes me sad. I pray every day they remain the best of friends.

When we went to pick her up Parker ran WAY ahead she was so excited! Gray ran for a second, right when I was about to take the photo of two excited kids running to see their sister, but then he remembered he didn’t feel good and turned for me to pick him up. It makes me love this photo even more because my little man IS still my LITTLE man. He still needs me more than the girls do and I love that.

Bailey RAN out to me when she saw me and I love that she’s still little enough to hug me BIG TIME in the middle of the playground in front of her friends! My big girl still needs me too!

Of course that was short lived before she was up and playing with her friends! HA!

Gray was SO proud because last year he couldn’t climb this thing but this year he conquered it!

She told me you can do this easier if you’re sweaty! HA!

I adore Bailey’s friend Vivian because she loves Parker and Grayson too!

True story… when I was in first grade I was spider swinging with my friend Katie and we were laughing so hard I peed in my pants on her lap! OMG it was hysterical! Luckily she was awesome and laughed it off! Thank you Katie Leeker! Love you!

Some of Bailey’s best friends! It’s going to be a great year for her!

Right after school Bailey went over to Vivian’s house to celebrate the first day of school. It was a last minute thing which threw Parker for a major loop. She was SO sad her sister who she’d waited all day for wasn’t coming home! I bribed them with root beer floats but soon after Parker was just DYING for Bails to get home. She ended up sitting on our front stoop just waiting for her!

It was seriously the sweetest thing ever!

She caught me photographing her!

She was coming in, heard a car (see the white van?) and turned to double check!

She’s so stinking cute! Love her!

And while PJ was hanging out outside, my not-feeling-so-hot little man was in our bed watching his shows.

He just can’t kick this cold/cough/exhaustion and constantly wants to be held and cuddled. Not so bad that I get that job!

Once Bailey got home we had a big spaghetti/garlic bread/salad dinner, showers, wrestling with Daddy once he got home, play time, Bible reading and bedtime.

First day. Done. And it was good.

5 thoughts on “the first day of school for my little BIG first grader!

  1. love it all! I can’t believe you have a first grader either. where does time go?

  2. I loved this post Jodie! Your kids are growing up so fast! My oldest starts first grade in a couple of weeks and our daughter starts K too, I can’t believe that we will have two in school! And by the way, I LOVE your front room/ dining room! Gorgeous!

  3. oh how sweet! i can’t believe how big your kids have gotten! you have a beautiful family and yes….i’d give a limb to live where you are! it sure beats this stinking yucky desert! LOL!

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