the lion.

I had to get on here and write this story before I forget!

Chris and I had just gotten the kids tucked in and were laying on the couch. Do you do that? For about 15 minutes every night I just sit and do nothing. It’s like I have to just BREATHE after the kids are down and before I start working.

Anyway, we were vegging when Gray comes running down and tells us he saw a lion climb under my car (his bed is by a huge window looking out at our front yard). We smiled at each other and let him tell us the whole story. Three year old stories are the best!

“Dere was a lion timbing unter your tar and den anuder one was on dah tree.”

“Gray, was it a big lion?” Chris asked.

“No, but it was short but it was big but it was NOT a baby and it timbed under your tar Mommy! It had a stwiped tail so it was a lion and it was big!”

Then Parker came down and Gray repeated the whole story (it was a lot longer and more drawn out then I’m writing) to her and Chris let them open the front door because he desperately wanted to show her. I went to get my water cup and when I came back they were outside in the driveway. I yelled at them to come inside because they were clean but Parker said they were “watching them”.


“Parker, is there actually an animal outside?”

“YES! Two of dem Mommy! On da trash tans!”

I rushed them inside, ran to the back door with Chris at our heels and sure enough there were THREE racoons on our deck and trash cans!

This morning I had to leave at 6:15am for a session and when I turned my car lights on I saw the racoons on our trash cans (first time we’ve seen them) so I ran inside to tell Chris. When I got home two hours later Chris and Kevin (our friend) were outside with shovels… I asked them what they were doing (assuming Kev hadn’t come over for yard work!) and Kevin starts cracking up that it’s wild kingdom over here. I guess Chris went to throw something away outside and found all three racoons in one of our big trash cans! Kevin came over to help him get them out! HA! Chris was totally freaked out!

So now they are back. And C is coming up with a plan to get rid of the coons! And the moles, we are overrun with moles!

It was just hysterical to us that of course we didn’t believe Gray’s lion story but the entire time he was telling the truth! Just proves the poor third kid doesn’t only not know his ABC’s yet but he obviously needs to work on his animal recognition too! HA!

Thanks for being the neighborhood watch Gray!

5 thoughts on “the lion.

  1. That is hilarious!! And you and I both know someone who has a live trap for raccoons and a fix for moles too… :)

  2. We have a racoon we call “coco”(not sure how that came about,actually). I’ve come home to him on our porch! Freaked me out! We had to bungee(sp?) cord our trash shut because he would tear e’thing in it open and we would get maggots. Sick! Chris’s long lost BFF, Chad, can show him how if need be. :)

  3. Omgosh, we have been battling moles/gophers ALL SUMMER LONG! Such a nightmare to get rid of. We tried so many different things and they just kept coming back. Our yard looked like it had been blown to pieces by land mines or something. We ended up having pretty decent results with poisonsous slug-looking things that you plant in their runs. Apparently they eat them and then die…Not really very “nice” but you don’t want your yard to get ruined either! We tried stuff to just scare them away, but they guy at the hardware store laughed at me and said they’re too smart for that. ;c)
    So cute about Gray’s racoon comment. Not sure I’d know one right away if I saw one, either…we don’t see many racoons around here!

  4. WHAT??? No pictures? A ‘lion’ story that good definitely deserves photo documentation! LOL…

  5. Ewww.. we have just been told by our neighbor again that he saw racoons on our roof and crawling under an eave, so I am way twitched out! We were following a truck the other day that had “racoon control” as one if its listed services, so we may be calling… I want no close encounters!!

    (And hey, I’ve sent a few emails over the summer and I’m wondering if they r going to ur spam?? Anyway, drop me a line when u can please.. about the mini the girls “won” back just before the Mohr minis. Braskasmom @ gmail dot .com Thanks!!!)

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