three things i just want to remember.

1. Parker invented a new animal called a swig-pig. I think it started out as a swim pig but Daddy didn’t understand her and now the whole family calls it a swig-pig! I’m going to take photos of her as her swig-pig because it is equal parts adorable and hilarious! Swig-pig has motions and a  noise that sounds awfully like a donkey and her faces scrunches up… you guys… this kid kills me she’s so funny! I’ll have to share this asap!

2. Bailey had her first bit of first grade girl drama yesterday and I’m already feeling thankful that we missed a lot of that last year. At least I missed it I guess. I’m not sure if she was immune to the drama or just didn’t come home talking about it but I don’t think of last year as being drama-filled. Yesterday though was another story. One of her best friends got mad on the play ground that she didn’t want to play kick ball and in retaliation told the aid that Bailey had kicked some girl in the head! Can you even believe it? I hate liars and so I think that’s what bothers me the most, but luckily Bailey seemed fairly unfazed by the whole thing. She told me that the fib-teller must have been having a sad day to tell a lie to a teacher. That kid has a heart of compassion!

3. Gray is PACI FREE! Last night he left his last paci in the car and when he couldn’t find it he thought the tooth fairy had stolen it. How he got to thinking the tooth fairy is an evil-paci-stealing being I’m not sure but it MIGHT be because I kept saying that one day the paci-fairy would come and take his paci’s to give them to a baby (not sure where I heard that but I’m sure I read it on a blog!) and then on Monday the dentist told him he had to get rid of it because it was making his teeth separate. I’m guessing he put the two stories together. Either way, at 10:30pm last night he finally passed out after crying himself to sleep. It was SO pitiful but I didn’t cave! I feel like I deserve a big treat instead of him but MAN is he a sad little guy today! Last night I asked him to cry softer so he didn’t wake up the girls and he said, “I need to cry loud because I miss my paci so much!” HA! Praying tonight goes better!

Off to the races! Dinner/baths/Bible/bed/work for me… Chris is home late so it’s a Mommy night! Yippee! Happy back-to-school! HA!

2 thoughts on “three things i just want to remember.

  1. We are having first grade drama too! I think you need to video tape the swig pig so we can get the full idea, too funny :)

  2. Oh man, the drama of a group of children! You have to think maybe the fib teller learned that the more ridiculous the story, the swifter the attention (and action) of an adult. I don’t know which is worse — lying, or lying to command someone’s attention.
    God Bless your little girl. She’s a champion of compassion, and a shining example of the parenting she’s grown up with. Good job, Mom & Dad!

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