what I see.

See this photo? This first day of school photo? The one every mom has to take?

When I look at this image here is what I see…

-siding that needs to be power washed – a front door that needs to be painted – a light/mailbox and house numbers that need to be replaced – pots that need to be filled – three very fake smiles – a paci that needs to be taken out permanently – animals that need to be washed – a green railing that needs to be painted black – a lock box that needs to be removed – Bailey’s new school shoes – kids that need haircuts – a bunny I want to burn – bug bitten legs from our mosquito infested yard – a shirt that describes Gray’s love of Cars perfectly – straight hair on my curly/wavy haired girls because they wanted to look “special” – new school clothes and the list goes on.

I see a completely imperfect image.

SO imperfect the imperfections are glaring at me.

Especially all the work that needs to still be done in just a tiny area of our house (so you can imagine the other lists!)!


I still love it.

It’s my three awesome kids on the steps of our new awesome house.

What can be better?

4 thoughts on “what I see.

  1. What I see… 3 kids that have grown since I started following your blog two years ago, adorable yellow shoes, an awesome gold mailbox, a perfect A hung on the door and kids who look like they’ve had a great summer!

  2. What I see…..3 gorgeous kiddos (yes, with fake smiles), the coolest sandals ever (on Gray), tennis shoes that I want, want for Maeve (on Bailey), a super-cute bunny (why do you want to burn it?) and in the background, your adorable FIRST HOME! What could be more awesome than taking a first day of school picture on the front porch of your new home?!
    Also, I love the color of those pots.

  3. Also, too funny about the straight hair, Maeve has been wearing a french braid since Monday night so that her normally stick straight hair would be wavy for the first day of school.

  4. I wonder when you look back at this photograph in 15 or 20 years… Will you see the same thing? I know for sure you’ll still feel all that LOVE! I love the quote… ” thank you God for these perfectly imperfect moments!”.

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