one year.

One year ago Chris and I celebrated our sixth anniversary by getting away for two days to C’s Grandpa’s lake house in Cuba, MO. We floated in the water, went tubing, played scrabble, napped, read and had an amazing time. We also had some very serious conversations and a few pretty big arguments. Who am I kidding. They weren’t arguments, they were pretty awful fights. But it was because of those serious conversations and stress. Oh the stress we were under last year. Through the fighting and tears and laughter and fun (because yes, we had all those things in two days!) we made a big decision… to take control of our money by giving ourselves the gift of time. The same night we got home we called C’s parents and asked them if we could move in with them.

Since that day and that weekend we have lived with both of our parents, paid a bunch of bills, saved some money, repaired our credit, bought a house, renovated that house and moved in.

This weekend we are away again to not only celebrate the end of our seventh year of marriage but to celebrate the completion of this year.  The year that WE DID IT!

And you know what?

This weekend is a whole hell of a lot more fun! There is no weight on us this time, no serious talks, no arguments or fighting. Just a lot of fun!

Now when I tell you what we’ve done you might think we’re crazy, but it makes sense for us!

We got here (we’re in Cuba again b/c we really wanted to come back to where it all began last year but we’re in a hotel b/c C’s Grandparents are at their house) near midnight on Saturday night so we just crashed. Then at 7am yesterday our friend Tom came and picked Chris up to go fly fishing. I stayed at the hotel and caught up on work. It was just what each of us needed! I was craving alone time like I never have before and Chris needed to be out in nature (something he craves as much as I crave alone time). He was home by noon and we went to lunch at Country Kitchen! HA! I had soup and salad but Chris had chicken fried steak! We went back to the room and C slept for three hours… something else he really needed. I worked a bit more and then headed out to an antique store (I’ll show you what I bought soon!). The weather was AMAZING at 75 degrees, the rain had stopped and the clouds cleared so I called Chris and told him I was going to swing by to pick him up. We grabbed sodas and sat in the gas station parking lot for a minute.

“Which way should we go?”

“I don’t care”

“How about north?”

“Let’s go!”

We drove for about an hour and a half until we came to Hermann, MO where we walked around a closed winery (Mom… we went up there to get you guys a bottle of wine to say thank you but on Sunday Hermann closes early! EVERYTHING closed early!) and then found a restaurant to have dinner. As we were walking down the street holding hands (something we don’t do often enough anymore) after dinner we found an open ice cream shop, Chris got a cone and it just felt like nothing could get better than this moment.

When we were in the car driving down the small winding highway with good music playing and windows down I looked over at Chris and said, “I literally couldn’t be more joyful!” My heart was just so full of joy.

This was EXACTLY what we both needed.


Well right now I’m taking my time waking up… I am NOT a morning person and LOVE slow mornings. Chris is more of a morning person so he’s up and out to breakfast (I’m hoping he’s bringing me something!). And THEN I think we’re heading south! Another day of exploring, driving, letting the wind whip my hair into crazy frizzy curls and joy. I expect a lot more joy today!

Happy seventh anniversary Chris. I love you so much and am so proud of us for completing this year. Thanks for sticking with me through all the ups and downs we’ve had this year (these seven years!). Thanks for understanding what I need sometimes before I realize it. Thanks for being ultimately patient with me and always forgiving.

I fell in love with you 14 years ago because you made me laugh more than anyone ever had. Thank goodness, because we’ve laughed a lot this year and it’s the laughter than got us through.

I love laughing with you.

4 thoughts on “one year.

  1. Hurray for you two!
    Don’t fear the Seventh Year — embrace the growth that comes from being with someone just as brave as you are.

  2. Welcome out to my neck of the woods! I live not too far from Hermann, and it IS beautiful out here this time of year. I am so glad you enjoyed your time together, and that you have been able to come so far in one short year. Congrats on both!

  3. I wish you would put your scenic/non-client pics in an open gallery for anyone to maybe consider. #2 is screaming “black&white, framed in the den”. It’s a sleepy road (ZZ), destination unknown, but the speed limit is 55.
    If you ever want to take a day trip, especially in the fall, I highly recommend Highway 94 from i-64/40 to Marthasville. A stop by Montelle Winery will definately destress the body with their views of the countryside.
    So glad that last weekend was as stress-free as you wrote.

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