the sky.

Yesterday we woke up and decided to head south on Highway 19, the opposite of where we went Sunday night when we went from Cuba to Hermann. It was another gorgeous day, 70 degrees and the sky was amazing! It’s all I managed to capture that day because we were too busy having fun exploring the back roads! I’m SO glad I paused in our driving to grab these few shots though!

We ended our AMAZINGINCREDIBLEPERFECTJUSTWHATWENEEDED trip by hitting Six Flags! HA! Neither of us had been there since we were in high school and we’ve talked about going all summer. It was hysterical because Chris is SUCH a wimp! HA! He couldn’t handle anything and multiple times I had to cover his mouth with my hand b/c he was cursing so bad in front of the children enjoying the ride! HA!

We got home about 30 minutes before the kids were dropped off to a completely flooded basement. SO many things ruined/destroyed/wet/disgusting and yet it totally didn’t destroy our mood!

Thanks to my parents for keeping the kids and for the Allen’s for helping during last nights disaster.

Oh how I wish I had spent the $10 to show you the photo of Chris screaming for dear life on the American Thunder roller coaster! HA!

2 thoughts on “the sky.

  1. HILARIOUS! we took our kids on American Thunder!! It was all I could do to keep from swearing as I was clutching Carsyn and Luke. they were terrified and didn’t trust me the rest of the day!

  2. My grandparents live on Hwy 19 up in Owensville, and it’s seriously some of the most beautiful highway to traverse. #jealous

    Must. Visit. Family. More.

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