baking cookies.

I am not what you would call a good cook. Mainly because I hate taking the time to plan, shop, research recipes and clean up the mess. The actual act of cooking and EATING I love. It’s all the other crap I hate.

In January when we figured out that Parker (and now Gray) is allergic to eggs I haven’t attempted much baking because eggs are in EVERYTHING. My mom has been awesome at baking cakes/cookies/pancakes and even brownies without eggs but I just haven’t.

So one day a few weeks ago when I had been home with sick kids all day I got the energy to try homemade chocolate chip cookies! That in and of itself is a true miracle!

For every egg you can use 1.3 cup of applesauce. Just in case you were wondering!

I used whole wheat flour and I have to say, it may have been healthier BUT it made the dough taste kind of grainy. Health shmealth I think I’m using good old white flour next time!

Gray was napping so Parker was my helper.

Then Gray woke up, grumpy of course, and came down in his jammies with his DogDog and kick board that he’s been carrying around for a month.

We ended up adding in some peanut butter chips and they loved having little tastes of everything!

I’ve been trying HARD lately to pick up my camera and capture our everyday even in the midst of busy season for me. It feels like work when I grab it but I’m NEVER upset that I took extra photos. When it’s my kids the work part slips away and the joy of my passion comes back! Even in low-light high-ISO conditions!

3 thoughts on “baking cookies.

  1. About that egg substitute — GingerLemonGirl has done a great amount of baking using a flax seed sub. with stunning results. She says: For a basic egg replacer use 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons hot water, this equals 1 egg. There is a note not to replace more than 3 eggs, as this changes the texture of whatever you are making.

    Gingerlemongirl is an interesting read for anyone with wheat/milk/soy and sugar issues. She’s off exploring the Paleo Diet for specific health issues, but she’s worth checking out for food allergy alternate recipes. Hope this helps.

  2. You can also use oil to substitute eggs. AND…. there is a brownie mix called No Pudge Brownies at Whole Foods and they are amazing! You just mix it with a cup of yogurt and voila! You can even make single servings in a coffee cup, pop it in the microwave and you have an instant tasty treat. : ) Highly recommend.

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