How I spent my birthday!

Oh man. Yesterday was all kinds of awesome. All kinds of exhausting too, but so so good. I do wish I had built in some kind of REST/ME/ALONE time but the kids had I had a blast and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world! And I can always have alone time later right?

In list form…

1. Bought a gift card to 7-Eleven for C’s dad, Bubba and dropped it off at his house before he left for the day at 7am b/c he always stops there on his way to work for a soda (he and I are very much alike!). The kids LOVED sneaking into the Allen’s garage so early! I kind of hated having to leave the house at 6:30am! :)

2. We bought an extra $5 gift card at 7-Eleven and left it with the cashier for someone that might need a pick-me-up.

3. We’ve been getting the Allen’s magazine’s since we changed our address and Terri’s been missing them! So I saved up a bunch, bought a few extras and we left those in her car as a surprise.

I love this shot of the girls running back out of their garage! They were SO sneaky!

4. My mom’s been really sick so we bought tea, cough drops and a good candle as a little get well gift.

5. We stopped at Bread Co to bring my dad a coffee (my parents made me breakfast!).

6. We bought a gift card at Bread Co to leave with the cashier.

7. Gray and I played soccer together on the trampoline, just me and him.

8. Bailey and I read on my bed together, just me and her.

9. Parker got to pick out an art project at YUCANDO (we’ll actually do it Saturday morning).

10. We took special snacks to Grayson’s class.

11. We sent special snacks to Bailey’s class with our friend’s since I let her skip school AND she took suckers to class this morning.

12. We made special notes and put them on 32 different cars. We started in the morning at church and ended after dinner with the Allen’s… watching Bill and Terri help the kids was awesome!

The notes said things like…enjoy this day, have a great day, sometimes you just have to twirl, have a blessed day, etc. Simple stuff!

13. & 14. & 15. I gave Kim, Angie and our neighbors FREE family sessions (just from me not from Fresh Art!)… all three families haven’t had photos taken in years and since they are my dearest friends, well, they deserve them!

The Weiss family session is Oct 23rd FYI! Watch the Fresh Art blog for that one! HA!

16. We gave snacks to Parker’s class AND I helped with her field trip to the pumpkin patch.

17. We bought a big bag of Honey Crisp apples for our elderly neighbor who’s battling cancer right now.

18. I wrote an actual letter and mailed it to my sister.

19. We put together a get well care package for our cousin, McKenna, who’s been really sick.

20. We bought Daddy lunch and delivered it to his school.

21. We bought a gift certificate at the grocery store for $10 and left it with the cashier.

22. We left a little bag of candy and a note for our mailman.

23. I put together some blank gift cards to give our kid’s choir director tonight (little blank notes she can use to tie to packages).

24. & 25. We gave each of the girl’s soccer coaches little treats.

26. I made a Halloween card for Berta (my Grandma’s best friend and my only “grandma” left) and mailed it.

27. I made a “dump cake” for my friend Adriane to take to her weekly family dinner with her in-laws.

28. We put quarters on the soda machine at our church.

29. We bought some little fall note paper and delivered it to the secretary at C’s school… to make taking message a little more fun!

30. We put together a care package for my nieces, Sam and Avery, with fun Halloween stuff.

31. I made a special card for my birthday twin, Donna. To be delivered when she gets back in town.

32. We brought lunch to my best friend Angie.


It was an incredible day. Watching my kids help was the best part. Seeing people smile was a close second! Just spending the day doing little things for so many people I love was awesome. Mixing up random acts of kindness with not-so random acts made the day even better!

In the midst of it all I got to have a quick breakfast with my parents, lunch with my parents, dinner with the Allen’s (NO COOKING ALL DAY!), I got to see my three closest friends (and receive awesome gifts!) and spend the day with my kids! I didn’t get to see Chris at all because he got home late and went straight to bed (we’re both battling a chest cold) but hopefully we’ll have some good time together this weekend. All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

I even made my dad take a few shots of me and the kids!

The first one cracks me up and the last one is my favorite!

(THIS was my original inspiration!)

9 thoughts on “How I spent my birthday!

  1. I love this SO much that I’m going to do something similar for my 33rd in December. The quarters on the soda machines, the notes on the cars and the gift cards at the cashier…simple things that make huge differences in just one person’s day!!! Happy Birthday Jodie!!!

  2. You are a good person, excellent photography, terrific blogger, and awesome mom! I am blessed to know you!

  3. Thanks Jod for the nice surprise for your b/day! The best gift of the day was showing your kids how to pay it forward.
    Thanks for being the best Mom I could have raising my grandbabies. Happy Birthday and I love you!

  4. Jodi! This might just be the most awesome thing I’ve ever read! What an unbelievably amazing thing to do on your birthday! What incredible generosity and love you put into this day. And my favorite part is that you shared it all with your kids, who will grow up being kind and giving and compassionate. You are incredible. Seriously, this post made me cry. We are so blessed to have amazing people like you in our community.

  5. You are totally awesome. I found a new person – my own cousin – to admire and model myself after. thank you!

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