that girl.

Today my mom gave me the gift of 4 uninterrupted hours of alone time at my house after our session.

And you know who showed up?

That girl.

The one that could spend an entire day crafting, watching her favorite shows, wearing sweat pants and a hoodie with her hair pulled up on the top of her head. The one that drinks soda while eating pretzels. The one that jumps from project to project so happy to just create something. The one that sits cross legged on the floor for hours before getting uncomfortable. The one who had entire days to herself to do whatever she wanted.

In the last three hours I’ve been doing a ton of random things. All making me insanely happy. And as I was sitting on the floor doing a totally random and out of the blue craft project I realized that THIS is the girl Chris married, the one that’s all but disappeared. This is the girl I miss when I’m busy working and cooking dinners, wiping noses and sweeping floors.

She doesn’t show up often but MAN I like her when she does.

Thanks for the time mom! I’ve gotten our session from today uploaded and partially edited, Halloween cards for Kuhn Construction made and a new fall “A” created for our front door. And I still have an hour left!

3 thoughts on “that girl.

  1. Hooray for crafty down time!! Your note about the girl Chris fell in love with has me really pondering…. Thinking about my own “Joe’s girlfriend” season. I don’t have any conclusions… It just has me thinking. Hm… Gonna go ponder some more.

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. What I wouldn’t give for four hours of uninterrupted crafting time. Are you going to post a photo of the finished project?

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