the tire swing.

Everyone had a dream for their first house did’t they? Or is it just me? When I was little I never had a white picket fence in my dream, for me it was a huge wrap-around front porch and a tire swing from the big tree in the front yard. Neighbors would gather and kids would play. Perfection.

In our tiny little house we’re missing the front porch (someday, someday) but this weekend Chris helped me get my tire swing!

It is quite possibly the BIGGEST tire used for a tire swing ever but the kind man at the tire store gave it to me for free so I wasn’t going to argue! He said he thought this tire would fit the most kids and well, I think he was right! So far we’ve gotten three on there!

And even without the front porch it attracted our favorite neighbors!

The kids LOVE it! And if I wasn’t afraid I would break the branch I would swing on that thing all day! It makes me SO happy I can’t even describe it!

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