Dear Sara, my horses kick your bunting’s ass.

I’m KIDDING. And I hope that made my friend Sara laugh because we are both INSANE and working feverishly on our daughter’s birthday parties this week. And I bet you one hundred million trillion dollars that if we didn’t do one damn thing except throw some candy on a table and let them open+play with their gifts as their friends tear through our houses they’d be just as happy.

Someone said to me that I’m not crafting for my kid but to impress the other parents and all I can say to that is F-you. That’s SO not it. I’m doing it because it’s my love language.

If I don’t stay up all night making something for someone, spend more on supplies than if I’d bought a gift or spend countless hours creating it it’s like I don’t love them enough. The more insane my crafting gets the bigger my love. Or something like that.

This is just ME. And it’s not to show off my killer hot gluing skillz to other less cool parents and it’s not to win the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER award. It’s just because this is Parker’s first ever birthday party (with friends invited), she begged for a “horse” party and my mom-guilt over my middle child runs deep so I’m going all out. For her. Because I love her and this is how I show it. Which just means that someday my kids will be sitting in a therapist’s chair telling her I didn’t love them enough for one reason or another and I’ll have to show them these photos and say “SEE THIS? I didn’t sleep for a week I love you so much!”. Thank God for blogging so I have actual proof of my love for my children. I might have to send them links someday to prove it but at least they can’t deny it right? Because if it’s written in a blog it has to be true.


Let me introduce you to the cutest party favors ever! Sock Stick Horses!

First I bought knee high socks at Target (CHEAP). Then I cut off a chunk of the sock and cut felt ears.

Then I stuffed the socks with simple+cheap poly-fill (or whatever that white fluffy stuff is you can use in pillows). Actually my mother-in-law did 90% of the stuffing for me today!

I glued the ears together.

I bought fleece at Hobby Lobby (where I got all the other supplies except the socks), cut a long strip and then cut fringe.

I glued two strips of fleece to the back of the head (all done with hot glue). The top layer I tied together and then all the strips were pulled/stretched so they curled. I had no idea fleece did this but it does and works perfectly!

Then I glued on two eyes, the ears and ribbon. Super simple.

I made a little hole in the filling so the rod would fit in, shoved more filling around the rod, shot glue down around the rod so the sock would stick and then tied a ribbon. The really are pretty sturdy.


I did add a little bow to a few of them!

Wanna know how many I made? 20.

Terri did ALL the stuffing and manes so really she did a lot of the hard parts today! THANK YOU TERRI! Gray’s ear tube surgery came at the best time which was a fact hidden from me until today when I had hours at home to get these bad boys done.

So each kid gets a horse and a cowboy hat (from Oriental Trading) for their party favors! I can’t wait to take photos!

These next shots are totally fuzzy but they make me laugh so I’m posting them!

Aren’t they adorable? The kids LOVE them.

A few weeks ago I posted on FB that I had NO ideas for a horse party and people came through BIG time with THIS link and THIS one. I sort of took those ideas and made these my own… and I love them!

Looking back I should have put the ears more on the side and spread the eyes out but WHATEVER. I am not a horse expert!

Ok, are you guys ready for the HUGE surprise? Well, you’ll have to wait two more days! But just know that Parker will freak her freak at her party! All of the adults are dying with excitement!

And some day Sara I’m going to challenge you to a crafting dual. We’ll see who wins. We’ll see.

14 thoughts on “Dear Sara, my horses kick your bunting’s ass.

  1. those are SO FUN!! and i love that you say ‘super simple.’ maybe they don’t require specialized training in how to operate a forklift, but those are some sweet details- you poured love & craftiness into those horsies! (and i completely get the love language thing… we all have our big & little ways of loving our families. yours is just so much cuter than mine!!) : )

  2. LOVE the horses. Reagan’s party is right before Christmas. My crafting juices are FLOWING (and I am already up to my eyeballs in projects!) Can’t wait!

    Have a GREAT party!!!

  3. Virginia’s birthday is next month and I’m crafting too! Those are the cutest stick horses EVER! Wish I had thought to create one instead of purchasing the one Jeb got for Christmas last year. You are a super mom!

  4. People who don’t craft spew things like “you’re so crafty” — as if that’s an insult! Ignore them. We get it. Crafting spoken here.

    I love the personalities the different socks lend to your ponies. Well done!

  5. they are SO cute. i can just imagine 20 kids looking this happy. i am so making these for my three baby cousins this year for christmas!

  6. Okay, it’s midnight and I am just now getting around to blog reading in bed…had to laugh out loud when I saw the title of your post!! You WIN, hands down–those horses are AMAZING!!!!!!! Nothing near as cool happening here, just a lot of buntings? There really is no way to disguise the “Florida” theme of my in-laws basement, and so I am feeling creatively challenged!!

  7. Oh, and I TOTALLY agree with all of your reasoning behind crafting. Amen, sister. I do it and I LIKE it, and I neglect lots of things in life to be able to sew fabric buntings (and other such nonsense)…and the world can just deal with it!!!

  8. Jod I’m the opposite of you but I get it bc of watching sara. You are giving your kids your time and a piece of you. It’s amazing really. I don’t think it’s showy at all. And it’s an outlet. We all have them and everyone is different. I love that about women. So don’t apologize for who god made you to be.

  9. Hi! I found your blog via Pinterest…love it! I am trying to make the adorable sock stick horses, but your pictures are not appearing on the blog. I can see the instructions, but I am visual and need pics too. Is there any way you could email them?

    Thanks so much!

  10. I am trying to read this post but the pictures are not loading. Can you either reload them or email them to me?


  11. I, too, can’t get the pictures to load. Would you be able to email them to me? I’m not a super crafty person, so I have to have a visual to know what’s going on! Lol.
    Thanks! :)

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