Surprise #1

A HUGE part of my week was keeping in the BIG surprise that my sister was coming to town. So in addition to gallery deadlines and ear tube surgery and party planning and work and blog sneak peeks and gift buying and YOU NAME IT I knew Abbie was coming in and we were kidnapping my mom on Thursday for HER November birthday. It was one of the best parts of the week but knowing I would get nothing accomplished on Thursday (except FUN) just added to my stress level. It ALL worked out in the end with just a few extra late late nights (that I’ve made up for the last two nights when I’ve been asleep before 11pm!).

We decided to surprise my mom by sneaking up to the front door (which is the door NO ONE ever uses at their house) and ringing the doorbell… the following shots aren’t great technically b/c my mom was in the shade and I didn’t change my settings fast enough but I still love them! The look on her face is priceless!


Mom was SO shocked! It was awesome! And SO worth keeping it a secret for so long! We’d been planning it at least 6 weeks and it was SO hard not to tell someone! My mom was working around the house and hadn’t showered so after a quick rinse off we headed out for our surprise day… shopping and lunch in downtown old St. Charles. My mom LOVES shopping there and we’d never been just the three of us! She was really excited!

HA! Sorry mom, I just had to post this! The light where I could set the camera was horrible so I made them keep scooting around to find a decent spot and then the wind kept blowing so my mom kept blinking… I think I threatened her if she didn’t keep her eyes open so she made them REALLY wide and I got this! HA! Which will never see the light of day BUT did make the blog b/c it’s the best one of the three of us I have! Oh well!

It was an awesome day that yielded a lot of Christmas shopping (almost DONE for this year!), some fun things we bought ourselves and a great lunch out. Just the girls. Just HER girls. I can’t wait for our four girls to be old enough to do this with them too! We also hit the mall on the way home and ended up buying all the kid’s Christmas outfits which was great to get done and finished the day by meeting the boys/kids at Rigazzi’s for dinner. SO fun!

Just wait until you see what surprise #2 was!

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