The Thanksgiving Mantle.

I’m already brainstorming for my Christmas mantle and I loved the Halloween one so much I almost considered keeping it until red and green can come out but then my mom guilt over forgetting the poor little step-child called Thanksgiving kicked in and last night I whipped this up. At dinner I made a list of things we’re all thankful for, the best being Grayson’s two… 1. two new blue keychains and 2. guns. Awesome. And then there were the kiss-up answers the girls gave like “family” and “God”. I feel like when someone pulls out God everyone else might as well just shut it. Made my “Mountain Dew” seem childish no?

Anyway, then around midnight I cut a bunch of paper strips, wrote the thankful list one them and glued them together making a paper chain. I’ll admit that once I finished our list I ended up writing out a lot of our family and friends by name because I needed more strips. Apparently we weren’t all that thankful last night, at least not enough to cover the mantle.

So it’s super simple and kind of bare but I think that’s ok as I rev up for Christmas. And I like that the sweet pumpkins can stay out. I love pumpkins. We will have a bunch rotting on our front porch until December 1st guaranteed. The day the lights go up then maybe the pumpkins will come down!

Anyone else have any good ideas for a Thanksgiving transition to Christmas mantle?

Next year I’m going to have the girls do the writing!

One thought on “The Thanksgiving Mantle.

  1. Woohoo! Avery made the cut! My halloween mantle is staying up until I decorate for Christmas but we are leaving for Thanksgiving and then the rest of November so I fugured it was probably okay. I put a few turkeys up around the house and put the other halloween decorations away. I will strip the house bare and scrub it down before we leave town though so that it is a blank canvas ready for Christmas to appear when we get home!

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