Today I am home again with a sick Bailey (fever+coughing).

Today I have dinner in the crock pot already which makes me feel like the most accomplished woman ever.

Today my eyes burn from my 2am bedtime last night (but client edits are slowing getting caught up and Christmas gifts are being made… I just won’t sleep until 2012!).

Today the house might not get picked up at all because I’m desperately trying to hit the My Publisher sale that ends tonight.

Today it will be hard to chose between nap with the kids or work. At this point the nap just might win.

Today might be a 3+ Dew day.

Today I wish I could shut the computer and craft with my girl all day. I might just end up doing that.

Today I wish my mom the HAPPIEST birthday ever, even though she’s not feeling well either.

Today I took the kids to preschool, hit the gas station for my soda AND did a quick grocery store run for one last dinner ingredient all with NO bra on. Yep. It’s that kind of day.

Today Bailey learned how to play Angry Birds and is happily killing pigs as I type.

Today a shower might be optional.

Today I might announce that I’m going to offer boudoir sessions and I’m equal parts thrilled (because I’m loving them) and terrified people will think I’m insane.

Today I wish I had a cleaning lady, a laundress and an assistant. Oh and a nanny. I totally would love a nanny today.

Today I found gloves Chris swore I lost right where I told him I put them.

Today I can’t wait to give him a huge “I told you so” when he gets home.

Today I’m just in survival mode, trying to smile and keep my patience in check.

We’ll see how it goes.


It’s now 6pm and I just realized I never actually published this post this morning. I also just realized that I never turned on the crock pot.

The kids are eating mac n’ cheese (NON organic) and we’ll order Chinese later.

We DID get the tree decorated to surprise Chris (he’s not a fan of doing the ornaments so it was fun to surprise him with it finished) and the kids actually got into it which was surprising.

I’m on Dew #2, forgot to eat lunch and have the start of a headache which I’m sure is directly related to lack of food and sleep today.

Chris is home (we are LOVING him not coaching basketball!) so he’ll take over baths for me which means I can start editing early tonight.

Hopefully I’m bed before the clock strikes midnight!

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