the lighting scheme 2011

Chris takes his Christmas lights VERY seriously. He calls it his “lighting scheme” and every year it’s a battle over how over the top I’ll let him go. This year in our new house he really had some GOOD ideas. Um yeah. For example his favorite idea and the one he argued for pretty hard was to have a waterfall of blue lights going down the roof and “pooling” in our yard where deer would be drinking. Can you picture it? Then after I explained how expensive those deer are (b/c just saying HELL NO didn’t work) he moved onto wanting a candy cane house, all red and white. As in one red bush one white bush and so on. Ugh.

After days and days of talking about it we finally came to a compromise. And he got right to work!

Look at my manly man! Aren’t you so jealous?

He started on our insanely steep roof. And on day one it was nice and sunny and warm. Day two was rainy and cold. I was actually really worried about his slipping but he had everything he needed in his backpack and was determined to make it work.

His idea (and the compromise) was to take three red strands and three white strands and interchange them. So our lights are red/white/red/white. Candy cane. It took him forever. Totally patience I don’t have.

Then I did the bushes, he added Santa to the chimney (it’s an antique one that’s a little too small but totally a part of our family) and then did the star. He made me that star a few years ago when we had no money to spend on gifts. He raided my dad’s shop and with his help cut this metal star out of scraps and edged it in wood. Forever it will be in our home somewhere because he worked SO hard on it. Anyway, he stapled lights all around the edge and it’s the cherry on top!

Our house is so tiny. 974sq ft. And we laugh that outlining the roof sort of eccentuates that fact. But truly, we love it. It looks happy and cheery and warm and inviting. Which it is.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the tree!

Happy December first!

3 thoughts on “the lighting scheme 2011

  1. Hi:
    I found your website today, I don’t remember how now, that was at 8 when I went to work and have been reading ever since. I would see a pt coming in and would hide my screen and hope they didn’t need something to much/hard so I could go back to my reading. Well here I sit now and its 2 pm still sitting here reading. Did you realize you would make such and impact on someone?

    I remember back now that my children are grown (we had 8) and now co-parenting one of our almost 11 Grands, I remember that feeling of rush rush rush. I see so much more in Baby L that I didn’t notice raising our own or was to busy with work ect to realize it was a big thing. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time, then I think I don’t have to make dinner tonight if I don’t want to we can go out! Or last night our daughter went out and we watched the 2 year old. We cuddled in bed and allowed her to sleep with us much to my DH’s sorrow. She is a bed hog after all! One day I hope to finish their baby books, and try to relive their childhood alittle.

    I love your little house, its a home. Its perfect for you and your little family. My DH loves Halloween and would much rather decorate for that than Christmas. I am a Christmas person! We didn’t get into the Elf this year maybe next because Baby L will understand more. But I remember thinking the same thing about that darned tooth fairy many a times!

    I hope you are having a great week. Know that you made someone out here smile, say AWWWWWWW, and remember times past. Keep up the good work.

    Vicki R

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