Things that lifted me up today.

1. Working with Kim. I love having her as my sounding board and friend. She’s awesome.

2. Having my brother-in-law come over today and for very little money finish painting our bathroom. Thanks Jack!

3. Getting to sit with some of my dearest friends at church tonight while the kids had choir rehearsal and chat. We crafted a little too which just added to the awesomeness. I drove away feeling so much lighter.

4. Sitting with C on the couch with my feet in his lap. He rubbed them while I worked and it was magical.

5. Being awake from 3am-5am last night (which sucked) but reading THIS POST and having a major AH HA Oprah moment. Sara’s blog is my absolute favorite over any other out there so go read it. Seriously. Especially if you’re a gift giver.

6. THIS post just made me laugh so hard I had tears running down my face.

7. Getting an inquiry for boudoir, hours after lamenting the fact that not one person had shown interest yet.

8. Having a good+surprising order come through today which just solidified that our new pricing IS ok and to stick to my guns.

9. Remembering to move Elfkin. Setting my phone alarm is genius.

10. Getting 300 KCCI Christmas cards stuffed/labeled/stamped and IN a mailbox. Now I just have Fresh Art left and I’m done with all 500 cards I had to mail this year!

11. All the sweet comments and emails. Sometimes I just need to write a bunch of crap down and it somehow allows me to let it go a little. Dumping that last night and breaking the perfect mommy image I’m sure all of you have of me (HA!) just felt good. Thanks for all the ideas and support. I might not respond personally but just know those comments coming through today truly made me feel better.

3 thoughts on “Things that lifted me up today.

  1. I just saw the elf on the shelf blog and was coming here to give you the link. So glad you already saw it! And I too loved Sara’s post about gifts. It’s the one time of year it’s ok to spoil my kids. I think we can do that and they still know that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Merry Christmas!

  2. OK, that one about the elf was soooo funny! I am sitting here trying to recover from almost peeing myself and laughing so hard that I was shrieking. awesome.

  3. If it makes you feel any better I would LOVE to book a boudoir session with you but I’m in Texas :( If you ever come to Houston, please let me know!!

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