8 random thoughts

1. Gray has ringworm. Does that disgust anyone else so much that just saying it makes your mouth taste like vomit? O.M.G.

2. 2012 is hitting me like a ton of bricks today for some reason. The reality of Kim stepping back has finally hit me full force I think. SO much to do. So much to change. So many lists I need to make. So much time I need to devote. SO much so much so much.

3. The kids went back to school today and getting out of bed before 8am nearly killed me. And of course it wasn’t until the last moment I realized I had to make three lunches, pay preschool and deliver cupcakes to C’s school. I hate mornings like that and wish, in that moment, I could homeschool and start the day just a bit later.

4. When I get in bed I always read blogs on my phone to fall asleep. I have a nice stack of awesome books I’m dying to read but if I turn the light on it wakes up Chris so my phone is the best way to get my eyes to officially droop. So it was late Monday night when I saw THIS post from one of my newest online friends and fell in love. I mean, I’ve been in love with her work for a long time and look forward to her “the everyday” posts the most, but something clicked. A couple of years ago I tried doing the photo a day thing and gave up around May i think. Considering I had so many little ones I was proud I made it that far, and to this day they are some of my favorite photos. So I’m starting again but not forcing every SINGLE day on myself. If I miss a few it’s ok. I take photos most days anyway but I’m hoping this inspires me to keep taking them and to actually look for the small moments I kind of forget about in the rush of the everyday. I want to slow down a little this year and absorb it all. I think this will help.

5. Parker spit on a little boy at choir tonight and in the car on the way home I asked her WHY she did that (after punishing her at church) and she said, “he told me I had to kiss him Mommy and I didn’t want to so I spit on him.” HA! I told her she could spit on any boy that asked her to kiss them and I just hope at some point that’s not her initial reaction anymore! That day can be a long way off though!

6. My big Christmas gift this year is a night out this Friday! TWO DAYS! Chris asked Kim to do a Love Light for us (SO excited about this!) and then we’re meeting our best friends for dinner at our favorite restaurant followed by dessert at another favorite restaurant! And THEN we get to stay at the Ritz since I have the suite anyway for my boudoir sessions on Saturday! AND we get to sleep there Sat. night too! TWO nights away might actually take away this stress headache I’m nursing!

7. The weather is warming up and it’s amazing how much I hate the cold. I think I was born to live in a warm climate! I’ve been taking B, C and D vitamins to help beat the winter blues but it’s days when the sun warms me up that is the best medicine!

8. I wanted to make it to 10, not that it really matters, but my headache is screaming for sleep. I’m desperate to start blogging here again more often but it’s always so late when I finally have time it nearly kills me. My goal for 2012 is to find the hole in the universe where they hide more time for our days! I need more time!

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