beware… a moment of mommy bragging ahead.

I suck at a lot of things and doing baby books for my kids is way high up on that list. Bailey’s is the best, of course. I think I started one for PJ but I know I don’t even have one for Gray. I was blogging by then and it seemed like enough. I hope in 20 years they all think so.

And actually, before I share my SUPER PROUD mom moment let me share something else. I was reading Erin’s blog and just LOVE this post she wrote. Click HERE to read it. What she wrote was SO perfect and it’s funny to me that I hadn’t thought of it like that. She talked about how when her kids were tiny she blogged constantly and took a ton of photos because it helped pass the days. That was SO me. I started my blog the spring after Parker was born when I had an infant and a one year old. Then I had an infant, a one year old and a two year old. My camera helped me remember that there were GOOD moments in the midst of some really long and really hard ones. And blogging kept me connected to the outside world during a time I felt incredibly alone.

Now, I don’t blog as much. In fact, sometimes blogging feels like work when before it was the highlight of my day. But mostly the blog is quieter because I’m working more, the kids are bigger, my days seem to fly by and when I am with the kids I’m not taking as many photos. Back when I blogged every day I was with the kids 24-7 and the days crawled by. Now I crave time with them, LOVE my time with them (mostly) and wish the days had more hours in them. It just leaves less time to blog and that’s ok.

But I do want this space to still be a place to capture their childhood, my thoughts and feelings about life, etc. This is still my blog and I want it to reflect my life. It will be interesting to see how it changes over time but I hope that it is always a good reflection of me no matter what. I never want to sugar coat life or only share the good, those blogs drive me crazy!

So while sometimes I do want to share the ugly truth, tonight I have to share this incredible email I got today from Bailey’s teacher! I’m sure she is required to email parents every once in a while but I’m going to pretend like that’s not true and that she just wanted to share this with me. We adore her teacher this year and I’m SO glad she took the time out of her night to email this…


I wanted to share a story with you from today.   At recess today  the girls ran over to tell me there was a rabbit’s leg by the playground and some boys were touching it.  I went over to investigate and sure enough……there was a rabbit leg. (EWWW)  Bailey and Emmy are ALWAYS willing to help so I sent them inside for a plastic bag.  After I took care of the “leg” I asked Bailey to put the bag in the trash can.  I watched as she and Emmy skipped over to the trash can, put the bag in and then stood there for a few extra seconds.  As we were lining up Bailey shared with me that she said a prayer for the rabbit’s leg.  Now how sweet is that??!!!!  I don’t want to embarrass Bailey, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you and Chris what an amazing young lady you have.  She has to be one of the kindest, funniest, responsible and caring students I have ever had.  I am sure you know what a jewel she is, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate her!  She is amazing!


Have a nice evening,


6 thoughts on “beware… a moment of mommy bragging ahead.

  1. Jodie, I’m so glad that post resonated with you. And I’m glad I’m not the only one with those feelings! It’s hard to shift gears with blogging but it’s also wonderful that life operates at a different pace these days. What a beautiful story about Bailey. Such a sweet girl you have!

  2. What a beautiful note! !! Just a treasure to save forever!! I used to own a scrapbook store… So my first son has elaborate baby books! Now, like you, I blog about the moments I want to keep close to my heart. The only thing is.. will they or we have we have access to our little space on the net in 10 or 20 years? The way tecnology changes so rapidly?!!

  3. Jodie,
    Just to pump up your parenting bubble a little, I have been teaching 9 years at three different schools. Communicating with parents has never been a requirement. We just like to share the amazing things we see. Many times it is hard to find the time. She must be a truly amazing girl (which you already know)!

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