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My new friend, Shalonda, from Chubby Cheek Photography did this year long project called “the everyday” and my main resolution for this year is to attempt it. They are her posts I most look forward to seeing on her blog even though I am completely inspired by all of her work.

So throughout the year I will post these images. I’m not going to make it a project 365 or anything. If I try to do something every single day I am just setting myself up to fail which is NOT how I want to start out the new year. I’m just going to call it “our everyday” and take shots as they come, capture moments as they happen, snap things I want to remember and just try harder this year to keep my camera out of the bag more. They will be beautiful shots, funny shots, posed shots, secret shots, silly shots and hopefully very happy shots. The tiny moments of our day, the big moments of our year and all the in-between.

Monday we celebrated C’s Grandpa’s 88th birthday and the girls decided to dress up in their new handmade poodle skirts Terri made them for Christmas. It was 4pm, the light was terrible and it was cold. As we were walking out the door I realized I hadn’t even started my new project yet right as the girls asked to get their photos taken in the new skirts. Perfect. It makes me laugh that this cheesy smile, stand in the middle of the street where the last light of day is best, hold hands, posed shot is the first of the new year because these are the shots I detest. But ultimately it made me realize that it’s ALL a part of the whole. There will be photos I hate in this project (that will hopefully be an album at the end of the year) and ones I will cherish. But it’s all part of the process. And it’s all just pieces of our everyday.

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  1. this is so awesome. I try to do some of the same in my blog, but haven’t named it as such. how do you get the words on the pictures? is it in photoshop…i think i need photoshop!

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