teeny bits of life.

Chris took the kids to a basketball game up at Webster today and left Dog Dog there. Awesome. Tonight should be fun for the Grayman.

I am obsessed with Aldi’s pretzels. If you’re not from here, Aldi’s is like the discount of all discount grocery stores. Like tonight this woman was ARGUING about the price of something because she just COULD NOT believe it cost $0.75! ABSURD she kept yelling! But MAN. Their pretzels are skinny and salty and oh so incredibly amazing. I drive all the way there, take in my Trader Joe’s bag and buy 6 bags of those damn things at a time. BIG bags of delicious pretzels for $8. It’s awesome.

I’m also eating way too many candy hearts right now. Yikes.

The girls decided it would be fun today to clean the bathroom. I feel like all the years of bleeding nipples and stretch marks and exhaustion and all the other truly crappy things that come out of parenthood finally paid off. And then when I told them I would pay them a whole dollar every time they cleaned it you would have thought I just offered my 16 year old a mustang (or some other really cool car that I don’t know the name of) with how excited they got. And dude they CLEANED it! Like clearing all the soaps out of the tub and scrubbing places I don’t bother with. The day Gray mows the lawn we’ll consider this road as parents just about done.

Have you tried the new iPhone game “scramble”? It’s like Boggle but with magic tokens and your FB friends to compete with. Kim told me about it today and HOLY CRAP I will never get another thing done ever again. It’s that awesome.

I stopped playing “words with friends” for a long time but now I’m back at it. Again, SUPER DUPER time suck but I swear it makes me smarter and that’s a good thing right? If you play either of those look me up!

I’m also trying to get on board with Instagram but my ancient iPhone is SO freaking slow right now I might as well draw on a notepad what’s happening at any given moment it takes so long to load. I know I need to a. dump the last two years worth of photos and videos that are on there and b. upgrade in March when it’s time. I can’t wait to meet Siri who I just know will be my new best friend! BUT if you ARE on Instagran look for me b/c if nothing else I’d love to follow YOU!

And Pinterest. While we’re talking about time sucks. I’ve not been on there as much lately either. It’s amazing what having your partner step back does for your favorite things to mess around with as I just have so little time to get the things done I’m actually paid for it leaves hardly anything for FUN.

Which is why I’ve been strapped to my desk chair ALL day doing tax crap. Ugh. The horror. I HATE HATE HATE crunching the numbers. Especially when I’m guessing I’m going to owe like a hundred million dollars to the government soon. SO depressing.

Chris told me when I end up in hell it will be because tonight while the kids did their “performance” for us I looked at him while they weren’t looking and put my fingers to my head like a gun blowing my brains out. It was torture. And not even the cute kind of torture. The kind when three kids play crappy toy instruments all at the same time for 15 minutes straight. I would have rather been doing my taxes.

What is it with older men and long nails? Twice recently I’ve encountered REALLY long nails on an older gentlemen and it makes me want to vomit. Does this bother anyone else?

We just converted the very back room of our house into my office and while it’s not totally finished and not cute yet and not looking like my Pinterest boards say it should look it IS at the very back of the house which means when the kids call down for something after they’ve gone to bed Chris is the closest one to them! HA! Love it.

Now to blog over at Fresh Art, finish entering receipts, eat some Aldi’s pretzels and head to bed. Don’t you envy my Saturday night?

2 thoughts on “teeny bits of life.

  1. Did you know that Aldi’s is owned by the same people who own Trader Joe’s? A lot of the stuff is the same, just in different packaging.

    And ewwww on the long nails. I cut my grandpa’s for him. He can’t do it himself anymore. But I can’t stand seeing them long when I go over there. Blechhh.

  2. Hooray! You’ve crossed the Aldi hurdle! I remember talking about it with you years ago and telling you not to be scared of the weird little grocery store— the savings alone make it worth it. And yeah, I LOVE that it is affiliated with TJ’s…. they have random great goodies all the time. So fun!

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