pushing pause.

One day I may be back here again but for now I’m simplifying my online life and only blogging over HERE only.

Oh, and in case you haven’t checked in lately, I’m actually starting to BLOG again. Kind of like the old days. You know, back in 2007+ when I blogged constantly? Trying to get back to my roots now that I’m actually photographing my kids regularly again… adding in a few words here and there to document our lives. Because while some days still feel long I’m already sensing how short the years are. And I want to remember this wonderfully fun and incredibly hard time of life we’re in right now.

So if you still want to read about our little family head over to Fresh Art where you’ll find my family, my clients and whatever else pops into my head!

Thanks so much for reading!

The backseat conversation.

Some things I just want to remember…

Last night we were leaving church after the kid’s choir practice when Parker commented on how pretty she thought the big round stained glass window is on our church. I told her it is located up in the balcony and could show her sometime. She asked what a “balcony” was and I said it was the place in church where we sit sometimes but have to climb stairs to get to.

Bailey said, “Yeah, and Parker, it’s also where Abraham Lincoln was killed.”

Parker, “He died? In the balcony?”

Bailey, “Yep!”

Parker, “Oh that is so sad! Is he still dead?”

Bailey, “Of course Parker! He was our 16th President! He’s like been dead for, like, 200 years.”

Parker, “Wow. That is so sad. I will miss him!”

The conversation kept going as Bailey told her story of the Lincoln assassination and I was laughing too hard (quietly) to remember all of it. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her he didn’t die in OUR balcony! And my sweet little empathetic PJ just kept saying over and over how sad she was that he was dead. How she can miss someone she didn’t know existed is beyond me but that is totally her heart!

waking up.

Yesterday I came home to two sleeping kids. We had a LONG weekend so I asked Terri to make Gray and PJ nap which is very unusual but at the time very needed. I honestly didn’t think they’d even fall asleep but by 4pm they still weren’t even stirring and that meant bedtime would be tough. And since I literally wait all day to get the kids in bed and have some quiet time I knew they needed to wake up.

So I crept upstairs with my camera and snapped a quick shot of Parker who was buried under her covers. At the click she started to wake up so I just kept shooting.

And then I dropped my camera and crawled into her warm bed to cuddle my sweet girl.